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  • Daniel

    I personally wouldn’t live in any of the homes. They all look cold, impersonal, or uninviting. I’ll take a 8,000-12,000 square foot Venetian/Mediterranean/Mizner/Fatio house on 3/4 acre lot on a canal in South Florida any day over these.

  • Brandt

    House #2 – uhh, great spot for garages.. how ugly is that? the house is surrounded by driveway..

  • Venom

    You put them up already, nice.
    You should have put the photo of the back of Groton up also to really give a reference to just how big it really is.

  • Chance

    If anyone wants to check out my new favorite mansion, go to guydreierdesigns.com and check out the bottom of his main page were it says “Rancho Sante Fe Estate”. The house is completely awesome and over 30,000 square feet, I emailed his design team and they sent me back some info on it. It’s now #1 on my house list =)

    *Just as a side note, Guy Dreier is who designed and built the 2009 Robb Report Ultimate Home.

    • Daniel

      Ha! I just saw it yesterday. I ***LOVE*** that gigantic great room. And the color scheme is fantastic. Personally, I like his interiors much more than his exteriors.

      • Chance

        Yea the exteriors on most of his designs are an acquired taste, although the RSF Estate definitely has a less extravagant exterior than the home that won the Robb Report award. His interiors are usually always incredible.

        • Daniel

          I actually think the exterior of the Robb Report home is one of his best. I honestly cannot think of a home with a nicer pool – or set of pools. It’s like a 5-star water park. Certainly my favorite contemporary home…

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