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  • Brandt

    oh my god.

    • Kenny Forder

      haha, I know!

  • Al Robinson

    Oh, that is AWESOME!

    What about Hala Ranch in Aspen? Does that have a bird’s eye now?

    • Kenny Forder

      nope, not yet.

  • architect 121

    Ive been looking in to silverlight. What is the difference between it and the normal version, and is it worth it?

  • Daniel

    I cannot see a home having 18 dedicated bedrooms. That is completely stupid. Jeez, fill the space with other rooms, kitsch rooms if you must or just make 5-6 master suites, but not 18 bedrooms. I’d cut the number of baths in half as well.

    Looking at the birds-eye, this home seems to be devouring the land it sits on. I don’t know about all of you, but to me, a home in this style should not be seen from the road. A driveway lined with 200 year old oaks or banyans would make this home a whole lot better.

    • Jon

      especially if its sitting on 14 acres of land.

    • Grrrowler

      Agreed on all counts, especially the idea of being able to see it from the road. Plus, 18 bedrooms? I always say I would rather have fewer larger rooms in any house.

  • KEV

    It probably will go on the market within five or ten years, Kenny. A lot of these monsters seem to after the owners find out the upkeep, utilities and overall drag on their finances that homes like this tend to be, regardless of how rich they may actually be. It does seem too close to the road, but maybe landscaping and time will let it blend it a little better. I truly don’ get the 18 bedrooms either, but maybe this guy has a lot of people hanging out at his place, or a ton of kids.

    • Barney

      Personally, I think a house that size SHOULD absolutely have that many beds & baths, just due to its size alone. And Dan, I agree completely that a house that GARGANTUAN should be invisible from the road, with at least 20 acres and those trees you mentioned. Also, I’m sorry to be my usual wet-blanket self, but ANY “domicile” THAT SIZE can NEVER be referred to as a house or a home in my book. In this day & age, a “single family home” (HA HA HA HA HA!) that monstrous is clinicially INSANE no matter how much money you have to blow on a personal castle like that. If this guy lives in that house for another 2.5 years, I’ll be amazed. I fully see that place goin’ on the market in the next year, if that.

    • Kenny Forder
  • NightMoves

    I have seen interior pictures online, but I cannot seem to find them. I have read that it is worth upwards of $20M. I doubt it will ever sell. It is corporate owned which makes maintaining it a little easier. It is still a money pit. Billionaire Joe Hardy’s house cost over $10M to build an sold at auction for $3M. This house is in a slightly more desirable location. Here is some more info. http://www2.county.allegheny.pa.us/realestate/GeneralInfo.aspx?ParcelID=0937B00030000000%20%20%20%20&SearchType=2&CurrRow=11&SearchName=&SearchStreet=BEECH%20RIDGE%20DR&SearchNum=&SearchMuni=&SearchParcel=

  • mattc

    True, but Joe Hardy also owns Nemacolin Resort in the Laurel Highlands that is his personal playground so ditching a few million on a house is like dinner at McDonalds for the rest of us.
    Built a 24,000 s/f spa in 2007 for his latest wife….who he was married to for only 3 months. He is 87, she was 22 at the time. Yup folks….you read it right 65 years DIFFERENCE in the two age wise.
    Built a resort hotel at Nemacolin to mimic the Ritz in Paris on the grounds along with 2 other hotels as well.
    The place has it’s own landing strip for him to come in and out of on the property.
    For his 84th birthday hired Bette Midler, Christina Aguilera and Robin Williams to perform.
    Point being when you have that much dough…it’s not just a house you blow tons of money on.
    A self made dude who did well in America, what a great country we live in for sure !
    Check it out http://www.nemacolin.com
    Click on some of the photo tours….amazing !

  • Tay

    Whaaatt!!! How the hell did he get a buiding permit for this??? It’s like 100 ft tall to the cupola/spire and its not that far from the road…Eyesoar….!!

  • Night Moves

    They have added landscaping a pool and tennis courts.


  • len

    Here’s the posting put on the same website back in 2008 with roadside photos. Looks like it was just finished:


    • Daniel

      Excellent! I hate it even more! Not only is it 50 feet from the road, it’s on a hill as well. Silly silly people with their small lots and big egos.

      • Nightmoves

        It is all gated and is on a road in the middle of nowhere, much more private than you think. The pictures don’t begin to show the enormity of this place.

  • Venom

    Is this a house or a hotel?
    This is terrible.

  • kieran

    This just shows how ridiculous other homes 40,000sqft+ are…. WOW

  • HUGE!!!

  • james

    I personally know Joe through syne mansion what makes matters worse is its just him and his side who live there

  • Beetle

    It is s very impressive house but if you drive up to see it, check out the house to the right – not as big but a much nicer home.

  • Ted M.

    my family knows joseph nocito who is the owner of the house and my cousins live 5 mins away. its a hugeeeee house obviously, but it just doesnt have the little details that makes a house beautiful.

  • Mariebaker

    This mansion is good for Prince and Princess of Wales or Cambridge. I would love to visit them there. I have no desire to see this guy owner(not properly introduced yet but I’ve already dislike him) living there. Whoever lives there is not that important to me but this house is riculiously huge for what purpose???? GEEZ!!!!

  • Carl

    And I thought the Vanderbuilts were the epitome of gluttony!

  • vic

    OK I know this guy. He goes to work everyday and employees hundreds of people both local and out of state. We all worship these movie stars ,musicians, rappers and internet billionaires and think it’s great how they throw around the money that they made off of us. So if we go to Red Lobster every freakin weekend and spend our hard earned money on going to Steeler games or a new car or Harley , should we be under the critical eye of the general public like we are putting JN. Sorry it sounds more like jealousy than anything else. If that is/was his passion, great at least we have something to talk about locally. On top of that think about how much money he put/invested in our community and local businesses.

  • marissa

    yep the guy who built this still lives there…jeez so many jealous people hating on this house which is completely amazing!

  • prt1231

    Watch for this to go on sale…the IRS is investigating this guy for income tax fraud.

  • Marc

    Trust me he’s not going to jail or losing the house ( even though I am sure that infuriates most people that love to see successful people fail!) He is being investigated for tax evasion on like $2m at most!!! He wrote off parties, cars and other normal expenses all business owners do the govt just has it out for him cause they are jealous also! I actually feel bad for this “self made” millionaire and his Son who they unfairly targeted also. Trust me his tax attorney will have no problem dealing with the IRS or the CID from the IRS

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