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  • Orlando

    Good God I bet those are what the homes look like in heaven lol… just wow

  • Bryan in CLT

    Very modern…personally not to my taste.

  • Venom

    Amazing home.
    It is like living the Miami Vice dream in Greece.
    I would pay $200 million for this long before I would for that stupid apartment in London.

  • Nalin

    so if you guys had to guess, how much would this house cost? over $20 million?

  • Marie

    Not enough bedrooms for my taste.

    • Chance

      I’ve seen you post that before on other houses, how many bedrooms do you need? I never understand why people who build big houses have 10 to 15 bedrooms when there are 3 people living there.

    • Daniel

      I was just about to ask you the same thing. I was wondering if you have a big family family or something. Perhaps it is because I’m an only child, but 5 bedrooms for me would be enough. Any more than that and it would seem like my home is built more for guests instead of myself. Just wondering…

    • Venom

      May I suggest you purchase a hotel.

  • Even though modern is not “my cup of tea”, I have to say I really LOVE that indoor swimming pool (rendering). What sets it off is the color scheme coupled with that GIGANTIC aquarium! I’d like to go swimming there on hot days!!! 😉

    • Onions

      Hot days are for swimming outdoors. That indoor pool is meant for Caligulan orgies and nothing else. I love this place. Agree that the color tones are gorgeous.

  • Daniel

    I think some elements in the home by themselves would be fantastic to have, but having it all in one package seems more like a very cool hotel instead of a home. As much as I love huge estates (30,000+ square feet), I think that contemporary architecture is extremely easy to turn into a hotel-like appearance, more so than other styles (French, Mediterranean, Neoclassical).

  • KEV

    Hope it has a lot of half baths, because 6 baths ain’t enough for that much house–you’ll be walking around looking for a toilet. The pics are gorgeous to be sure, although the last computer renderings I saw were for Versailles, which will likely be bulldozed rather than finished to those specs. However, I think this house will actually be completed. Not sure what the price might be, that indoor pool looks like it would run over a million by itself, if not more. Overall, a very impressive and beautiful home. Hope to see photos when it is actually done to see how they hold up to these fantasy pics.

  • Stewie

    Don’t like it. Looks like an airport terminal. Some modern homes pull it off, this one doesn’t. I much preferred the one in Spain in the post before

  • Swimmer

    Incredible! Love the pool!

  • T Man

    Not my taste, but pretty cool nonetheless. It looks like a house a Bond villain would have.

  • oduroyal

    Um, it’s very…George Jetson

  • mattc

    Can you say ” E.T. phone home “?

  • Jon

    The inside is awesome but the first picture of the exterior looks likes its an office building.

  • Leni

    WOW, a trully fantastic house. Combines futuristic elements with slick design. Definetely the best house in Cyprus by far

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