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  • Venom

    I know people like to exaggerate and say that when they see something awful they want to throw up, but this time I literally felt sick and thought I would throw up.
    This had to be designed by someone blind.
    There is no other excuse.
    I think it is those pink chairs that are making me queasy.

  • Daniel

    I was actually brave enough to click on the listing to see all the pictures. The house is bad, really bad, but I wouldn’t call it the worst on the site.

    But OMG, I agree with Venom, someone was blind! Let’s see:

    1. The staircases – – – I suppose you need to be a size -3 to fit between them. Them seem like something you would find in a 100 year-old house, and not in a good way.

    2. Dining room: Chairs borrowed from Liberace perhaps?

    3. The 3-story living room with balcony views from each floor seems extremely odd and again, so very narrow.

    4. What the hell are those in the hallway? Murals, posters, stencils…I’m confused

    The rest I might be able to live with, but it seems like I’ve seen it so many times before. The kitchen ain’t half bad and maybe the office I would keep, but it’s still pretty terrible and the worst part…$9,800,000 in OOLEWAH? WHAT/WHERE IN GOD’S NAME IS OOLETEWAH OR OOLEWAH OR OOLTEWAH?

  • John

    Are you guys nuts or just nuts??? The interior is “ATROCIOUS”?!?!! And yet you put up images of the m**** that put neon lights and s**t in him home?! NOW THAT WAS AWFUL …however this interior is quite nice

  • george

    In many homes in the deep south there are overhead ceiling fans. Notice the absence of any in this house. It is because in their previous house the owners wife’s hair do kept getting caught.

    • Grrrowler

      You made me almost spit coffee across my desk when I read that!

      • Swimmer


  • Grrrowler

    I’m not sure I can add anything to the pithy comments above, but I’ll certainly try! I looked at the listing pictures and the best description I can come up with for the house overall is “nauseating”. 25,000 square feet of bad taste, tackiness, and Southern Grandeur run amok.

    This house was built in 2008? Someone should have told the owners that faux paint finishes stopped being popular in 1998.

    The kitchen looks as if it suffered from a grease fire and it hasn’t yet been cleaned afterward.

    Worse than the three balconies looking down into the great room is the great room itself. Is it round? Is it square? Is it oval? The bowed ceiling that doesn’t match the walls of the room is just unsettling. There is WAY too much furniture in that room. Torchiere lamps, unless they are an antique, went out in the late 90’s, along with faux paint finishes.

    I almost missed the mural on the ceiling of the entrance foyer. It looks like demons dropping out of the sky to punish the owners for their bad taste.

    And finally those mural/poster/wallpaper/”art” things on the wall of the hallway…WTF?! I stopped taping posters to my walls when I was 10. Not only are they ugly, they’re creepy. There was a movie a few years ago called The Messengers. The movie wasn’t very good but there are a couple of scenes where spirits are coming out of the walls in an old house. These “murals” look exactly like that, as if there are creepy spirits coming out of the walls. Imagine being a house guest and wandering down that hall at night in the dark.

    Oh wait, I just figured it out. Those ARE spirits coming out of the walls, trying to escape the nightmare that is the interior of this house.

  • John L.

    Here’s the description from the website on the “artwork” – Upon entering you realize how special this home is- Entry ceiling features a commissioned oil painting by Russian artist Akhriev. The exquisite Bohemian Crystal Chandelier lights the way to more artwork-“4 Seasons” that grace the grand hall.

    This house is really bad. I think the best comment so far is the one about the grease fire in the kitchen!

    • george

      Thank you for bring up the fact of the Russian artist. It reminded me of why there was a COLD WAR.

    • Daniel

      Nothing but freakin scary-ass bald bi*ches!!!!!

      • Grrrowler

        Those “angels” all have rather vacuous looks on their faces. Prozac angles…?

      • Kenny Forder

        lmao, gosh is that ugly.

  • KEV

    Wow, everyone has pretty much destroyed this house, I just want to say

    I LOVE IT!

    Just kidding. I would say the only thing it really has going for it is the 25,000 square feet, but many of the rooms are too undersized and poorly scaled for a house of this size. Hell, the entry should be twice the size of what this house offers. A 9 million dollar house in some unheard of place in TN is another HUGE problem. Epic fail, although I bet the owners and the architect are very proud of this monstrosity.

    • george

      I don’t believe the house is for sale, I think it is just an exercise in ero stroking and bragging rites down at the local piggly wiggley.

      • george


  • Julia

    This house is only about 15 minutes from downtown Chattanooga (Ooltewah’s a suburb). Of distinctly questionable taste & overpriced? Yes – it’s the single most expensive house for sale in Hamilton County right now – but it isn’t in the middle of nowhere.

    • joy

      you must be friends with the owners to say anything nice about that house! It certainly doesn’t fit in the very small subdivision that it was built in. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!!!!!!!!!

  • Stewie

    very nice

  • joy

    This is a joke!!!!

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