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  • Sebastian

    Based on the images above, it looks like a mansion in the middle of nowhere.

  • Grrrowler

    I hadn’t looked at this post until now. The outside is OK (not great but OK) but I can’t stop laughing after looking at the interior. It’s. Just. Awful.

  • KEV

    You could probably swim in it at certain times of the year, times that it would be too cold to swim in. I would guess, unless it is lined and has a fresh supply of water added to it frequently (besides rainwater) that it would be pretty nasty during the summer. I know someone that has something almost identical to this in their backyard and it is an algae field right now. The price is good, but it is in Edmonds, OK. So good luck with all of that. He had a house here in Plano, TX back a few years ago that was a little smaller than this, it sat on the market for awhile before he finally sold it. These NBA guys, even the lower tier players, man they love to spend/waste money.

  • Venom

    My pond is swimable.
    I have chemicals put in and it has a fountain to aerate it.
    I jumped in one time, but the bottom is like muck and it feels like you will be sucked down like quicksand.
    Personally I would stick to a pool. lol
    I know a guy who has a pond so big that he actually has a dock with jet skis.
    That has got to be tons of fun.

  • Daniel

    Interesting. I personally would go swimming in an enclosed pond like the one above ONLY if I could see the bottom. Seems like in the one picture provided that the water is somewhat clear.

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