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  • Stewie

    Very nice BUT it’s pink! Say what you want but I would not live in a pink house. All my friends would make fun of me. Well I guess if I lived in this pink elephant they wouldn’t but still. Walls would need to be repainted PRONTO

  • Sebastian

    Why would somebody paint their house pink. that sounds and looks stupid.

  • Daniel

    Is that painted pink or is it just a white-washed brick?

    Either way, I’m gonna say it will go for $5-$6 million.

  • KEV

    Guess I would eventually tolerate the brick, although I might explore ways of changing it, not sure how that would be done. Painted brick is not used on a house this size! Would never tolerate living in Indiana, not because of the state, but because a 10 million dollar home is out of place there, in my opinion. As for the inside, the garage motor court and indoor pool are sweet, but other rooms look awful–some are too small for a house of this size. His closet seems pretty pretentious…of course, a house this size is very pretentious, so I guess that’s to be expected. I agree it will probably will sell in the 4 to 5 million dollar range, which is probably less than a third of what it cost to build.

  • Chance

    This is the house right down the road from Scott Jones mansion if I’m not mistaken.

    • Kenny Forder

      Yes, it is.

  • CincyRob

    The house has great structure and bones. Most of the rooms could use a bit of updates and tlc. As far as the price, I could see it going for 5.5 if they gave 2 for updating the whole property.

    On a side note, It must suck to be foreclosed on by a company that fired you. He should have taken those bonuses and paid the house off. I told you not to take the balloon rate. LOL!!!!!!

  • Oliver

    I think its a beautiful home. I like that none of the rooms are too large, makes it more homey. The new homeowner got one HELL of a deal..

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