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  • Daniel

    Such a cheerful looking exterior…***TONS*** of curb appeal.

    Is a well designed house such a hard thing to ask for? Where do these architects get their degrees, South Harmon Institute of Technology (Yes, I stole that from a movie)?

  • Tay

    Those views are amazing!!!! I mean the house might not be that desirable but that view is worth that price and design lol…

  • Grrrowler

    Yeah, the views are amazing, but I’d still rather be IN New York than simply looking at it. Other than the views the house is nothing special. I agree with Daniel that the exterior is very severe…so cheery!

  • Venom

    Awful exterior, interior not too bad and I like the pool and the views of NY.
    At four to five million, this would not be a bad deal.

  • Stewie

    I absolutely love the views but the house itself is kind of ugly

  • Great views? Do you mean all of those buildings?

    People spend millions to get away from the concrete and steel. For that kind of money, I want to at least see a TREE out my window… or at least a boob.

  • Invish

    I don’t particularly fond of this house but the location and view of the lower Manhattan. Holy mother of…

    • Invish

      Ok, I just took a look at the house from Bing map and it appears that a train track runs below it!

  • Leon

    one ofthe ugliest frontentrances I’ve ever seen. Those columns are so out of proportion. Bathroom tile should all be torn out and redone also. But the view, the view.


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