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  • jason

    hey kenny. can u post the other entrys. i would love to see what houses other HOTR readers submitted

  • Venom

    I just got back from Bloomfield Hills.
    I have actual photos from today of two massive ones being finished right now.
    These guys are absolute idiots for building homes this size in Michigan, especially Ann Arbor.
    Nothing in Ann Arbor even half that size has ever been sold.

    You can get huge mansions in Bloomfield Hills and Rochester Hills for next to nothing and Grosse Pointe can barely sell any homes far less massive mansions.
    One of the former Lions players, Herman Moore, had a gorgeous mansion in Rochester Hills in a gated subdivision, 15,000 square feet with a 2 story indoor poll area and that sold last year for $850,000.

    I just looked at a gorgeous limestone mansion on the lake in Bloomfield Hills today with over 12,000 square feet that is totally custom, and is in foreclosure for just over $2 million and will probably sell for about $1.5 million and it could not have cost less than $5 million to build.
    The landscaping alone had to approach one million dollars.

    It has got to be interesting to build a home and know that it is automatically worth half or less before you even move in.

    • Kenny Forder

      Can you send me the pics?! thanks =)

  • george

    I love the second house. The only thing missing is a waterslide from the rear poarch into a huge swimming pool.

  • KEV

    Yeah, I checked out house #2 on zillow. Looks like he has 25 acres there to build on, out in the middle of nowhere. I’m sure it will be impressive when finished, but I truly have to ask why? The owner appears to be a Nigerian immigrant who became a pharmacist, then started his own pharmaceutical company. So good for him, seriously, but still…why?

  • Sebastian

    These are the best animation images of mansions I’ve seen. Both of them are gorgeous mansions

  • Nalin

    that 2nd one is too huge form the front. It just looks like a normal mansion that never ends haha. or 3 mansions put together. it just doesn’t seem that original on the architects part.

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