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  • Grrrowler

    I like parts of it and it’s impressive in its size, but that great room reminds me of the inside of a shopping mall.

  • Barney

    Sorry but while individual rooms & elements of this psychotically gargantuan “home” are truly beautiful, even stunning, the incomprehensible SIZE of this house literally ruins it for me. Not to mention the fact that it looks to be AT MOST, FIFTEEN FEET AWAY from the ocean. WHAT happens when a hurricane or MUCH worse, TIDAL WAVE comes through!?!?! Even during a normal, rough surf on a nice, windy day, it looks like it’s close enough for the ocean to splash repeatedly into and contaminate the swimming pool. And, I think this guy’s SO TOTALLY outta’ luck as far as trying to sell that house in TODAYS’ global DEEconomy. Sighhhhhhhh, the parade of people with more money than (real-estate) brains will NEVER CEASE…………FOURTY-EIGHT-THOUSAND SQUARE FEET!?!? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I want to lay down about five full lines (each!) of question and exclamation marks to convey my feelings, but you get the idea.

    • CaymanCrazy

      Caymans = Tax haven for ultra wealthy.

      If you have ever been to the Cayman’s, in which I have spent a lot of time in Grand Cayman where this is located, there is minimal “rough” weather or waves. If there is hurricane, than someone with that kind of money has an insurance policy underwritten by a non-US company to allow the money to stay away from the US.

      And if you have the money, and more than likely entertain a number of guests at the same time, this is a private resort to take them to.

      The place is incredible and well deserved if it can be afforded.

  • Nalin

    this looks like a hotel. the living room looks like the lobby. but this is a really nice place, the library is really amazing and the pool is awesomely unique.

    • Daniel

      I agree, that library is amazing! I personally would add some more of those hanging light fixtures, a la ‘Inception’.

  • Daniel

    How is it that this house, with its cavernous room proportions still manages to look “full”? We’ve seen homes on this site with rooms half the size with furniture that look as bare as an empty WalMart!

    Love the house, love the size, love the location. Hello winter residence!

  • Kieran

    My idea of relaxing (reason for having a place in the cayman islands does not involve such a HUGE structure. Yuck. Truly amazing all the same. Just rather grotesque.

  • KEV

    I agree–I can’t really knock anything about it, other than the fact that it is just too damn big. Don’t think it’s worth half that asking price either–he is pricing it almost like it is ocean front property in Palm Beach or Malibu (yeah, I know this house on Ocean Drive would be 100 mill.) Well, let’s just say that he’s ALMOST priced it like its in a highly sought after area, and it isn’t.

  • Sebastian

    That is a beautiful home. I agree with Barney, what happens in a hurricane.
    Nice place over all.

  • Barney

    Just took a good, satellite look at this property. However while even on the new version of Bing/Microsoft Live Earth with Silverlight (INCREDIBLE, btw…you guys HAVE TO check it out in detail….the images, CLARITY, responsiveness and all around “incredibleness” of it is breathtaking) software STILL doesn’t show the house (just the empty lot before construction began) from any direction while in “Birds Eye” mode. Beck, like thousands of other billionaires, is very most likely going to go through the cruxifiction of watching this monstrosity (ONLY with regards to size….the house itself is truly beautiful…EXCEPT for that “grotto”….CREEPY and utterly artificial looking on the inside, and especially from the outside which would be exactly right, because it’s entirely man-made) whither & atrophy in it’s REAL worth in todays’ market. The MAJOR thing I ALWAYS wonder though, in this day & age, with people who build these unimaginably giant houses is……WHY, OH WHY do they sell them within LESS than five to ten years (if that) of finishing them?!?! I’ve gotta’ think that the seller has honestly taken HUUUUGE hits in his net worth, and can’t afford the house anymore, like so many others. It’s literally impossible for me to feel sorry for him, if that’s the case…..Hell, I wouldn’t feel sorry for him at all if these were the best of times, really. Building a “single family home” (LOL) of 48K square feet is genuine and clinical insanity as far as I’m concerned.

    • Gilly

      Your talking rubbish and know nothing of Jerry Beck , the house is not being sold because he can no longer afford it ! Jerry has several homes around the world , his decision to sell is his business. Quite a Green Eyed Monster . The house is quite amazing and if you were ever lucky enough to enter it you would see how wrong you are .

  • Chance

    Way too big for me but I probably like this house more than any other 45,000+ square footer I can think of.

  • architect 121

    it is too big, but its truly beautiful

  • Kyle

    Hey Barney one thing, there aren’t thousands of billionaires in the world. Even at the height of the bubble, there was about a thousand at most.

    It says this Jerry Beck guy is about 36, does anyone know how he made his $$$? I know software, but he must have done something REALLY valuable in software to make that much money by his early-to-mid-30s!!!

    DAMMIT I am jealous!!

    • Barney

      Kyle…..I have no idea if you’re right about the number of billionaires in the world today, but, whatever.

      But I can say that I sent an e-mail to & recieved a response from Jerry Beck himself, maybe two years ago, when his house was first featured on HOTR. He personally responded and was very nice, and wrote something about “having toiled, suffered, & sweated (is that a word?) for years” to earn his billions. Buuuuut, (and I truly am not & don’t mean to sound possessed by the Evil, Green-Eyed Monster) I’d bet a lotta’ money that his version of all those actions versus ours are two completely different things. You HAVE to be incredibly gifted & smart FROM BIRTH (not to mention possibly coming from great wealth to begin with) to be able to amass A FORTUNE like his AT HIS AGE. The odds of achieving levels of wealth like that through mostly nothing but hard work at 36 are staggering (without immense brains, talent & possibly inherited fortunes).

      • Kyle

        Barney BTW when I pointed out about the billionaires, I wasn’t meaning to sound rude or anything.

        On the wealth, well it is possible to become very wealthy very quickly easier nowadays, especially through tech fortunes.

        • Barney

          No prob, Kyle… didn’t sound rude at all & I didn’t take it so. And you could not POSSIBLY be more right about mega-wealth creation today…….the speed with which and amount of money that can be accrued in this day & age is mind-boggling, to say the least. I honestly think it’s scary, too……know what I mean?

  • Kyle

    On quality, I would never pay close to $60 million for this home, it actually looks way too downscale to me for that price. Not saying the home itself is downscale, but that in no way looks like a $60 million home to me. The only thing that could possibly justify that much I think would be if the land prices themselves were a whole lot. Too many of the rooms look too barren and empty for me as well, like the master bedroom and movie theater (BLAH!!).

    Also where is this library you people speak of?? I went through all the pictures at the website but haven’t seen it…?

    • Daniel

      Oops! Ain’t a library if it has no books, now is it? I was talking about that club room/card room with the wood-toned walls.

  • j

    This home is amazing! It is definatly worth $60 million in my mind!

  • Swimmer

    BEAUTIFUL!! I would by it in a heartbeat if it were located on a 5-acre parcel in the same location!

  • Jon

    There is no way this is going to sell for $60 million. Its way to close to the ocean, as mentioned, and while the views from the great room are sweet, the room itself does look like a hotel lobby and is abnormally big. The master bedroom is weird looking, and the grotto is as well.

    The billiards room is way cool though, the only thing i would do different with it is take out one of the couches and put in a poker table. The dinning room also looks really nice.

    And which Jerry Beck are we talking about? The only one i can find online is a cartoon historian.

  • Dalia EL Sakka

    I love every part of it and I live in it every day of my life as a dream.

  • Dani

    I can easily tell you what happens when a hurricane comes through. The same thing that happened to the 2 homes that were situated where this monstrosity is now. They were destroyed and parts of them washed into the sea back in 2004. This house is opposite a channel in the reef therefore it will receive the direct force of the sea.
    End of story. Good luck to whomever buys it.

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