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    Looking at the portfolio, they have designed some very elegant homes. Love the massive entry foyer above!

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    Bryan in CLT

    I like the classic lines of their Rock Hill Estate project. This place looks like it map top 30,000sqft. Kenny you have any clue of the projected size?

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    nice info. Where did this info come from? I’ve been looking for almost a year now for more info and couldn’t find anything. I’ve been watching this house being constructed for a year now (right down my street). Rumors say this house is called “Norton Manor”. This house is definitely in the running for biggest house in Potomac. also, apparently there is a 10 car garage (5 cars on each side of the house). It took the builders almost a year just to clear and prepare the lot.

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      Kenny Forder

      Homes of the Rich reader George Lyons provided me with the info. I’m super excited to see what it will look like when it’s completed!

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    Kenny, will it be for sale, or is it being built for someone.

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    This should be really interesting when it’s finished. The architect’s portfolio of residential projects is impressive.

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    The house is close to 38,000 sf which will make it the largest home in Montgomery County. It is being built as a private residence and will have a guest house (5,000 sf) and a seperate pool house too. Ironically the house looks like it will have another ‘wing’ for more garage, but in fact the house will only be a five car garage. nothing confirmed just things I’ve heard…..

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    this house is on my bus route my friends stepdad is buildin it swear to god

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    This house probly will be the second largest house off River road. Remember: Dan snyder, house is very big too. I will love to know if it is for sale. I love the 10 cars gargage and its location. I’m watching the process of house every week it is very beautiful and classy, I would like this for myself. Please let me more information about this project.

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    The house is almost complete now. It is being built by a guy who sold a tech company for allegedly 200M right before his company plummeted. There’s at least 5 large structures on the property so I’m sure one is a guest house as well as a pool house. Porte Cochere is there as well. The attached garage space is for 5 cars. Hard to tell if the other structures will have garages in them.


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