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  • Grrrowler

    I have hated this house from the time I first saw it when it came on the market a few years ago. Pretentious with a capital P. The scale and the engineering to build it are impressive, but for $125,000,000 I would like a house that doesn’t need to have its interior gutted and rebuilt in order to make it comfortable and tasteful.

  • KEV

    God, is there a place to actually sit down and relax? To watch a television, have a drink with friends, play with your kids? This is basically nicer than a museum, which makes it worthless as a house. The U.S. was formed partly to get away from the rule of kings and queens that wasted money on such over the top decor. What a sad comment on what we (some of us) have once again become.

    Now drop the price to 50 million and sell the thing, Suzanne.

  • Chance

    I’ve always loved the exterior and property but hated the interior. I have great appreciation for the detail and effort that went into the interior but as KEV said, this place is more museum than house. It’s almost like they didn’t even want to live there they just wanted to be able to say they owned this place.

  • Laquayva

    I think this home (and yes I said “Home”) is Gorgeous! A true work of art!The attention to detail is impeccable. It’s cozy, in a glamorous but elegant way…reminds me very much of a home Liberace would live in. I personally would be very comfortable living here and I’ve always said, if I could live in LA it would be in The Holmby Hills section of Bel Air. But then again, not everyone has over the top extravagant taste, which is something I’ve always had, and I don’t see anything wrong with wanting the finest things in life. It always amazes me how the more flamboyant and glamorous something is, it evokes and underlying anger, jealousy, and dislike for it. My motto is, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Especially, if you’ve worked hard for it.

    • KEV

      I suggest you look up the definition of the word “cozy.” And the home was built “for” his wife, who loaded it with all the gaudy 18th century furniture and 24k gold. To suggest she has “worked hard” for this property is grossly misinformed, unless you count laying on her back as work. Google a recent picture of her and you’ll see a Joan Rivers starter kit as far as plastic surgery gone awry. I don’t dislike it because it’s glamorous, because it isn’t. It is a vacant and heartless display of ego and narcissism.

      • Fro

        KEV; not cool to judge people like you’re doing here! I’m no fan of hers, but she’s worked her butt of together with her ex-husband to build their business. She’ more of a workaholic than anything.

        And why are you guys so judgemental of the fact that someone chooses to spend THEIR money the way they want to? Isn’t that what America is all about? They’ve made it, let them fulfill their dreams. I agree that it’s not vert tasteful, but people have different tastes – and thank God for that!

        Don’t perticularry like the house as a house. But love the attention to detail and very interesting to learn more about the house. Thanks for the vid, Kevin! Great stuff!

    • I agree with you Laquayva! I’d only want the place if the furniture was part of the deal! It does seem sad to me that the kitchen is completely a commercial one. I guess if you have that kind of money, you always have a chef on the staff. What happens when the chef is on his days off? Probably you’ve employed a Major Domo who will lightly cook. I just cannot imagine living in a residence (& I love this one) where you can’t go into a family kitchen & cook!

      The older I get, the more I would be satisfied at living in a 5 million dollar home! When I was 18, I would have said 125 million dollar home. I now know what things cost from personal experience. I’d rather save a few million to help keep me in that 5 million dollar home. I still would hire 1 good person to drive me (when I feel like it), cook lightly and someone else to come in and clean. So it would be a little hard to imagine needing a staff of 10 – 15 plus all the gardners, etc. Do I think it’s overpriced? For todays market, absolutely! She’s going to have a day where she wished she had taken that 85 million dollar offer! 🙂

  • Venom

    I hate this house, never cared for it, and the video only emphasizes that.
    I suspect everyone else who has looked at it feels the same way as it has not sold after all this time.

  • george

    I can’t imagine raising a family in that house. Twenty years ago my family consisted of 2 teen aged boys, both jocks, three Mastiff dogs, and two cats. The house is ment to impress people, not really to house them.

  • Kyle

    I LOVE this place, although I would have made sure to make some of the rooms “liveable” as opposed to just for show, and I also would have made the home smaller overall most likely (I think this place is like 45,000 square-feet or more), which is just too big for one or two people (too much money spent on maintenance).

    But otherwise, this place I like very much. It does seem a little cold in certain areas, but such a place can very much be made very cozy with the correct interior design and furniture.

    Same with that big Texas French palace that was built, only for the couple trying to sell it now, I love that too, but would have made it a bit smaller.

  • Kyle

    The big Texas place is Champ d’Or. I also loved Robert Eustace’s 50,000 square-foot mega-mansion.

  • Kieran

    I love this video I Love knowing that they out bidding the louvre for things.
    I do not understand people who say this home is unlivable, I can see myself using all these rooms, as Im sure the Sapersteins and like-minded people do.
    Something doesn’t need to be common in order to use it.
    I do not believe this home represents a tacky flashy mentality (Like the Tar estate) its simply a family that likes fine french antiques.
    I could easily sit and relax and watch tv with my friends in the finest furniture and decor, EASILY!
    I do believe this house is worth $125 mil, comparatively. It hasnt sold but I think thats a representation of the market not the home. Suzanne as said before she will wait as long as it takes. It seems the public that cant afford it are more anxious than she is!
    I like that there is a lot of positive feed back to this video, it seems the Sapersteins have been given a hard time for …owning a nice house?
    Love it

  • Daniel

    I don’t know why, but that entry foyer looks cheap. Perhaps its the gilt and color scheme?

    I agree with the majority of the other comments here. I wouldn’t want to live in a home that discourages walking, sitting or touching.

  • Chris

    Mariah Carey owns the house. She paid $100 million, cash for it with husband, Nick Canon

  • Kyle

    Does Mariah Carey really own it, or is that a misconception? I mean that would be like half her entire net worth just to purchase the thing.

    Also I agree with Daniel, the entry foyer does look cheap, I was thinking maybe that is just the design?

    • Kenny Forder

      It is a misconception. Mariah Carey does not own it. It was rumored that she put an offer on the home, but nothing came out of it.

  • Kyle

    Also didn’t the home cost around $40 million or $50 million to construct? I don’t think it is worth any $125 million.

    • Fro

      “Only” 40-50 million? I would’ve expected something like 70-80 million at least. Do you have any sources to confirm? Not that I don’t trust you, I just want to get a feel for what type of costs is affiliated with building a house like this with so much detail and expensive materials.

      And does anyone have any idea of how big the plot is? That has to be worth quite a bundle in the midst of Bel Air in itself.

  • Roadwork

    It seems like alot of these big homes are just short time obsessions for the builders and as soon as the decorating and the construction are done they loose the high and then sell it, maybe because it reminds them how empty and lonely they feel inside.

    I still dont get the phenomon of building these mega homes and then immediately off loading them if they can, its like how can someone whose amassed that sort of wealth make such a poor decision

  • Davinci

    i guess this is an example which illustrates ostentatious.

  • prince aziz

    il love this it’s royal i think that you can rase a family in it with royal manners and how to act like prince or a princess tv is not for grown up people and i think that suzanne worked hard for it and someday if i bought this house i will add more modification with my touch it will be better then the versailles palace

  • Sony Exec Film Tv

    I went to an Entertainment Oscar Party there, when Film Producer Eve St.Charles owned the home, this vid doesn’t do it justice. I think she sold it because, she didn’t like the neighbors or the noise. But, believe me, its a beautiful home. The vid doesn’t show half the house, too bad. Pretty much, all of Hollywood is too noisy now, my wife & I, are a few blocks over, too many rockstars!! maybe thats why! If this house was somewhere else, instead of the center of Hollywood, it would of been better. Bad location for peace & quiet, for sure!!

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