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  • michigan

    Excellent! Everyone should live like this! A beautiful estate with traditon and style. Kudos!

  • Al Robinson

    All I can say is “WOW”!!!


    Wow it’s got character,style and simply stunning,this is what a mansion should look like

  • Steve

    I bet this place is more like 40 or 50,000 sq ft. Look how the olympic length pool doesn’t even come close to the width of the house. And the cars on the first picture look like bushes.

  • Chance

    If the pool is an Olympic short pool (25 meters) then this house is around 30,000 square feet. If it’s a long pool (50 meters), then there is no way it’s below 50,000.

  • KEV

    That pool is 25m. I say that because the size of all the arches that frame the back of what I assume to be the underground garage are probably 10 to 12 feet across each. So 6 of them is around 60 to 72 feet and that pool looks to be about 7 of them. Regardless, a damn big home–with all of the financial problems in Greece, the super rich are still super rich.

  • georgethegreek

    well, i love this mansion, the style and the structure are great! unfortunately there are only birdeye photos.
    @ kev, the super rich are still super rich (and have become super rich) DUE TO the financial problems!-;)

  • Marcus

    I really like this house. The exterior looks great and unlike the Beverly Hills Mega Manisons – it has LAND!

  • Stewie

    I agree with the posts above – a very nice, well executed home. Would love to see some interior pics

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