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  • Chance

    Nice exterior, sounds like a good interior. You rarely see a aging rock star that has a home with a nice interior though, so it’d be interesting to see what it looks like though I doubt we’ll get the opportunity.

  • Barney

    Well, THIS “HOUSE” and it’s owners behavior are literally enough to SHUT ME UP, and that’s a Damn Hard thing to do! I CAN’T believe this house REALLY BELONGS to Bob Seger, because, if you guys grew up here in metro-Detroit, and listened to Seger and followed his career as much as I have, you wouldn’t be able to believe it either.

    His (and his wifes, possibly) behavior in building this HUUUUGE mansion, at his age of 65 years old NO less, in comparison with how he’s always marketed his public persona is literally mind-boggling. He always presented himself as a no-frills, Michigan born & bred Classic, Hard Rocker….”a man of the people”, ya’ might say. And, while naturally, that’s never meant that he had to always live in a dump, like a low-income, white-trash rocker all his life, I’m still astounded that he’s swung SO FAR to the opposite side of ridiculous-show-of-material wealth. And, this of course, is just my opinon…..he can do whatever the Hell he wants to with his money, but I have to say that I’m really bummed out that Seger’s obviously gone the traditional “BERSERK-materialistic-monster” route with this “house”. I mean, the man is SIXTY-FIVE years old, and I just can’t believe that he is, at his core, just another guy who’s built an absurdly monstrous house for his ego, that he’ll never legitimately & fully utilize even HALF of. And Kenny, I read your description of all the dozens of different rooms the place has, and I dont’ know if it’s actually got a “Nanny’s” room ’cause his kids are in their mid-to-late 20’s 🙂 SIGHHHHHHHH…..SORRY, I had to get all that out. There goes another (obviously) extremely well-crafted, but totally fake “persona” of a “just another guy” classic rocker up in smoke. HOW money changes people, I’ll tell ya’…………….

    • Seth

      Barney, the kids are 14 and 16 years old, every space is to be utilized by te family, he is a humble guy, and every space has it’s own intentions, He built this house for his family, not just for his ego, I think you along with many people misconceptualize what money does to people, he gives to charity, he does his part in the community, and he decided to build a home that would suit him and his family. The guy still makes music, he’s been in te studio lately, and he’s on tour right now, as long as he’s making money, there’s nothing to be “astounded” about. He always has parties with many people at his house, so this house would suit his lifestyle all day….. I know the kids personally, so I know what this house is all about

      • Barney

        Well, good for you Seth….you’re obviously a personal acquaintance. But, as I mature, my distaste for your average, extremely-rich-Americans show of their wealth all too often leaves me with a pretty bad taste in my mouth. And I was born & raised in Grosse Pointe Shores, so at the risk of sounding like a snob, I am no stranger to privileged lifestyles. In no way did I mean to single out Seger, but only spoke as I did because the post was about his new mansion. I’m referring to ALL people who build what I consider to be absurdly huge homes for their families. And no amount of rebuttal, opinion or explanation from anyone is going to convince me that any family of FOUR is going to even semi-legitimately utilize thirty THOUSAND square feet. I do not begrudge ANYone success, money, houses, material accumulations, cars, etc., etc., etc., but what I do know something about is the TASTEFUL and (in this day & age) what can only be called non-obnoxious displays of their money. Money, in and of its own, is never the true root of all evil, but the wanton waste of it is an evil, all too often…..the history of the human race categorically proves that.

        • seth

          you don’t make sense man, you don’t know their family, you don’t know that their not going to use that space. Spare me, i didn’t say you don’t come from money and you don’t know what your talking about. people who build these houses don’t do it to show off, they do it to build a home for their family, and what suits their family. it

          • KEV

            While Seger may be a very humble guy that DID build this house for his family, you are woefully incorrect to suggest that most people building such large homes build them for their families. The very fact that so many of them are on the market within 5 years of being built proves they are hardly anything more than a showoff/look how much money I have homage to the owner’s ego. This house of Seger’s–maybe not. I’m sure it will be very basic on the inside, not a ton of marble and gold leaf. But don’t use this as a template for many of the other homes on Kenny’s blog.

          • Barney

            Since I’m voicing my opinion, there’s absolutely no need for me to make what you consider “sense”. And I’m not saying that you insulted me….nothing of the sort crossed my mind at all. How about we just agree to disagree? Nothing you can say will EVER change my mind to suddenly think THIRTY THOUSAND SQUARE FEET is justifiable for ANY family of FOUR, period. What very wealthy people do with their own money is completely their affair. Gee, I wonder if everyone with the money to build a house this huge, with a family of FOUR, could somehow suffer through daily life with ONLY, let’s say, 12, or 15 or maybe, 20 THOUSAND square feet?

  • Marcus

    Funny the floor plan shows the main hiouse to be just 21,000+ Sq Ft.

    6,000+ on the ground floor, 8,000+ on the first floor and 6,000+ on the second.

    I guess the 30,000 Sq Ft must be everying that is under roof and not just the house.

  • Barney

    And KEV….you’re COMPLETELY right….way too many of these behemoths do seem to end up on the market within 5 to 10 years of being built just because of the reasons you stated. And, some on this blog think that I’m a negative downer ’cause I mention how uselessly huge I think most of the homes are here, but I’m HONESTLY not. Yes, lots of them are really beautiful, and some DROP DEAD gorgeous, and I really do love certain ones. Also, I can totally understand anyone who’s got the money to have a home that’s IN REALITY, maybe two or so times bigger than they’ll ever really use. But, NO ONE can tell me that these gargantuan homes built today by multimillion and billionaires are honestly ever truly justified for everyday life, period. My personal motto is that Genuine Class is immediately identified by suitable, BUT REASONABLY large and luxurious proportion and SUBTLEY, NOT blatant excess and a purposeful, outward display of wealth.

  • Night Moves

    The current house that he has been in for 20 years isn’t exactly a dump.

  • Somebody

    Shame on whoever supplied this information. It’s obviously someone who is earning a living on this project. I can only hope I find out who it is. Thanks for helping me to protect my children by putting the street and location, you have NO idea. I hate that I feel I have to explain and defend myself and my family, but I do. Whoever gave the description is off on many things. The house is not 30,000 square feet and I won’t even go into all the other misinformation. And who is anybody to say what rooms are used for what. Could they be for a future elderly parent? Could someone have a large family that comes to stay for long periods of time? Could this be something that someone worked very hard for and looks at it like a once in a lifetime dream and something that will be passed down through generations? Could it be someone who is investing in Michigan and planning on staying here when they could go anywhere? Could it be someone who looks at it like it’s giving a lot of people jobs? It could be all of that and it is. Barney, how dare you say he built this house for his ego? How can you know that, you can’t and therefore you should keep your suppositions to yourself, as they couldn’t be more inaccurate. We had a nanny for 3 months when on a tour in 1996. Other than that we have done it all on our own. He takes his kids to the bus stop, he’s never missed a marching band performance, a gymnastics class, a school choir performance, his daughter cheerleading and on and on. He’s generous and charitable in ways that you’ll never know about because he doesn’t want you to. He doesn’t do it for the recognition. He does it because he’s a big hearted man and if he wants to build the house of his dreams, so what? He’s a great husband and father and I must defend him when I read such ignorance. Again, thanks to the person who supplied this info. We’re just two people trying to raise good, responsible kids in a normal atmosphere and we don’t need you putting our business out there. What a shame! Get a life and get over the fact that your working on Bob Seger’s house. I hope he never sees this, he would be crushed.

    • bullet bob

      you are completly right. i give the man tons of props on staying in michigan and doing good things in the community. he has lived here all his life and i dont see him moving in 5 years. do your thing bullet bob. keep michigan alive.

    • Silver Bullet Band Fan

      Well said “Somebody”! I stumbled across this site when reading about someone who was arrested for stealing some items from the Seger’s home. I too share your concerns about protecting children and listing the address was asinine. Bob and his family can build whatever they want, it’s their dream and their money. Good for them! Bob has never been the type to flaunt his celebrity or success. Seems to me that the Seger’s have gone out of their way to stay true to their roots and to raise their family the same way. Kudos to Bob & Mrs. Seger for that! People should be celebrating this man’s career and the fact that he CHOOSES to live in Michigan. He could live ANYWHERE in the world! I’m thrilled to read from “Somebody’s” post that Bob is as great a person as his fans know! If the house does have a studio, I hope Bob continues to create great music! God bless and Rock On!

    • Segerrocks

      So glad you set them straight. Somebody knows, and you ought to listen.
      You are so right, Bob would be crushed if he read these posts.
      I believe in Bob Seger!
      He is a great person, who very much loves his wife and children, who has worked hard for everything he has today and I say;
      Go for the GUSTO! you earned it!

  • Ken Settle

    I take issue to not only Barney’s comments, but the entire nature and personal intrusion of this article. It defies the basics of common sense and ethics to reveal such personal information, as well as home location!!

    I cannot think of any better role model in the musical world than Bob Seger. This man earned every penny of his success. He toured incessantly year after year on an unusually long path to success, pouring his heart and soul into sparsely attended performances in piss-puddled road houses, earning every devotee and fan along the way. He split tour monies evenly with band members (almost unheard of in this business), and traveled in station wagons and broken down Winnebagos, refusing the temptation of big record company tour subsidy dollars so that his artistic vision would not be compromised by debt to record companies.

    In the ’70s when Seger was headlining a record string of seven or eight performances at Pine Knob, Seger himself rebeled and wrangled with that venue when he learned that they intended to raise the price of parking for his shows. The parking price was not raised.

    “Old Time Rock And Roll” is one of the most successful songs of all time, second in juke box plays only to Patsy Cline. Seger refused songwriting credit and publishing royalties on that song despite the fact that the credited writers only wrote the song’s chorus and musical track. By doing so, Seger took literally millions of dollars from his pocket and put it into that of the credited writers.

    Though Seger’s last two tours were top earning tours for those years, Seger kept the ticket prices generally well below the average of the other top earning tours during that time.

    I also find troubling the notion that in order to remain true to their ideals as a songwriter, that that writer must remain in the circumstances from which they write and creatively observe. Seger has never worked the blue collar theme self consciously into his songs as other writers have done, or used it as a means of marketing. But rather it is intrinsically present in what he creates because it is ingrained in him. Seger is a witness to our times. Good and bad, and reflects this back to his audiences with a voice and wisdom that reaches their souls. We should ask nothing more of our heroes.

    Ken Settle

  • Seger Fan #1

    It’s a shame there are people who think they have the right to invade another person’s privacy for their own gain. I hope the Seger’s find out who released this info. Bob has always been good to those around him, and has been taken advantage of his generosity. Bob is a class act, as is the whole band, and I’m sure he’ll handle this with class. Shame on whoever did this!

  • Get Real

    2 things are wrong here…… on each side.

    This is America. He can do what he wants. If I was rich I would also have a huge house………who cares.

    Don’t say he is building the house because he needs the room for his family….that is just a cover up of bulshit. Nobody needs that big of a house for their family. What?……….every single frinking relative is moving in.

    Build what you want………don’t make up bullshit lies to cover it up.

  • Mickelson

    Get Real: Who are you to say that Bob is covering up or lying? Do you know the circumstances behind why they built this house? Are you personally acquainted with the Seger family? None of this is your business or anyone elses for that matter. This is obviously the family’s dream home where they will retire to. Most of us are going to work hard for very little for many years until our retirement. So why not enjoy the fruits of your labor while you’re still here? Best regards to the Seger family and I hope you enjoy your new home. My apologies for the privacy intrusion and nibnosing comments by others. P.S. Thanks for the many years of great music.

  • Jay

    Bob Seger can do what he wants with his own money. It’s a shame his personal business was invaded and put on the internet like this.

  • Segerrocks

    I used this name because Seger does ROCK and always will in my book.
    I really think it’s horrible to have someone WORKING FOR you and then back stab you with an invasion of privacy, using unkind words or half truths. Either way, I personally don’t care what the Seger family builds, what their their assets are, who lives with them etc. All of it belongs to them. It is THEIR life to do as they please with whatever they have. Who has the right to destroy any of it? A true Seger fan would say: “C’est la vie”, and “Turn The Page”
    More power to you, “Seger family” and enjoy your life as you see fit.

    Someone Says, I am so glad you responded to this. Loved everything you had to say. I commend you for getting right on it. I agree that Bob Seger would be crushed, to find out any of this. SHAME on you, whoever you are. I sure wouldn’t want you as a friend.
    One comment though, As far as your address, that is public knowledge, that can be found that on the internet, unfortunately. It’s still a damn shame, that anyone would go through the trouble to post it here.
    Thanks to Ken Settle for his reply. It was most honest and favorable and done with sincerity. NEVER, doubt his friendship.
    To the rest of you, get a life of your own, and leave the Seger’s alone.
    R-E-S-P-E-C-T their privacy!
    BTW, Thanks for the great music that has been in my life since the 60’s.
    Bob Seger U R #1 .

  • Antonia

    I wish people like Seth; arrogantly opinionated would stay off sites like this. I think Seger is a family man. A true American rocker who remained true to his heritage & hometown. I think he deserves to spoil himself, his children and his future grandchildren. He has worked his butt off all these years and its his time to relax and enjoy life. I have gone to his last few shows, and man does he still know how to put on a show! I grew up on Seger and will always be a big supporter of this amazing artist.

    <3 Antonia

  • randombyter

    nice dream home but if someones opinion is conspicuous consumption then that’s their opinion just like the house is supposedly Bob and families dream house. why so much anger and hostility. if they lived next door for twenty years then where they live probably isn’t a secret.

  • Whatever

    For the record Sam is 16 and Cole is 18.
    I Bob and Nita and they are nice people.
    They have the money let them build the house.
    What are they suppose to do keep the money and die with it?

  • Christiana

    Wow, Barney, or whatever your name might be, maybe you are the one who leaked this info after all? You might be from Gross Pointe and came from family money but you obviously didn’t have a family to raise you well. You have a lot of anger and hostility inside you and obviously against people that are successful and have a happy family. I actually feel sad for you because you can’t say anything bad about such a person like Bob or his family. And your comment “wifes, possible” is so stupid and ignorant! He adores and respects his wife and children, just like he adores and respects people! And for you to say all these things about a man you don’t even know it just shows who you are inside. I hope you get help and get better because you are a very sad man inside. You should apologize on this site for your rude comments. If you have the balls!

    • Seger rocks

      AMEN Ken Settle!
      I totally agree with you!

      • Segerrocks

        Should be Segerrocks. M C

  • Russell

    Where or not that for some unforseen reason this house comes on the market for sale in 5 years is irrealavant. He has worked hard and deserves to live in a dumpster if that is what the man chooses.

  • Don


    I live on this lake, its nice to see such a beautiful piece of property and beautiful home. Believe me his is not the biggest home on this lake.

    To throw stone’s not because of what he is building and but because he is B Seger, is so wrong. You sould see some of the other homes,

    Would you say the same about Joe Smo, if he built this dream home? I doubt it.

    He has built a home for his family and their future, not yours.

    I dont know th family personnally, but can say without a doubt they support the area. Thanks B, Seger for suppoorting the area, the music and the memories.

  • Jess

    I have to agree with Don, I also have an interest in this lake and live in the area – we always hear stories of Bob being in local businesses, making no fuss about himself. I have been told he frequently is out fishing on the lake – I’ve not personally seen him, but I don’t go around spying on the fishermen either. He and his family sponsor events on the lake that need funding, even when he goes in the local McDonald’s, the owner asks if he would rather sit in a back room but Bob declines and says no one bothers him.

    He has been in the area for a long time and he isn’t going anywhere. They were doing more work on the house last summer – I thought an expansion but maybe not. It is a beautiful property and as said above, certainly not an exception on this lake.

  • Barney


    • bluzrider

      A little jealous aren’t we?

      This is still the United States of America, and the man can do or say whatever he likes. I think I would disagree with him on his stance on Global Warming, but I don’t begrudge the man for his views, or whatever he does with his money. It’s his, he worked for it, he can spend it however he wants too. He also has the right to say what he wants too

      You flaming liberals out there need to live in some other country if you don’t like it here. The Founding Fathers wrote a Constitution that gave us these rights. Stop with your petty jealosy.

    • Donna

      Screw all negative nellies! Bob Seger deserves everything he has & more! He is a human being & doesn’t have to answer to anyone but his wife! Rock on Bob!

    • bluzrider

      Jealousy becomes you Sir, the only people who think living large is a disgrace are the ones that are jealous because they are not smart enough to be able to do it for themselves.

      Scream all you want you moron.

    • John

      Creates a lot of jobs, though.

  • Rob in Texas

    Wow! Some people need to get a life.

    I am glad every one I have met from Michigan is not like Barn. I have never read a bad thing about Bob. His family (wife) handled this well …. I do not know how some celebrities handle the unwanted scrutiny.

    Yes, I am a huge BSeger fan. And just as recent as April I flew up from Texas to see him in Detroit, then unexpectedly, I got tickets and went to the Buffalo show. He is a great act, but more important a class act including his values toward family, music, and the area he grew up in.

    Long live rock and long live Bob Seger. (Like it or not, Barney:-)) lol

  • amber

    Shame on you sir!:(

  • Claudia Stanich

    I am going to Bob’s concert on the 4th at Cleveland. Why is anyone bitching about how big his house is or what he does ??? He has entertained us for so many years, & I am thrilled we get the chance to see him on his tour.

    Why be sour grapes about his house or life style?? He works hard for what he does, & I wish only the best for him & his family! I cannot wait to see him in Cleveland, & I totally agree with the man that said he could live anywhere he wants, but chooses to stay in the State where he was born. I have many albums ( LP ‘s ) that I play often & I adore his music. His concert is sold out, & that tells me how many fans love him & his music.

    Always a fan Bob, & please sing ” Night Moves & We’ve Got Tonight !!!!! I love your special voice & music !!!! Claudia….. Ohio

    • 4TimesAYear

      Because he’s an environut who thinks you should downsize your carbon footprint but it’s ok for him to live large, that’s why.

      • bluzrider

        He never said that, all he said was we need to start to think about our kid’s future, and even though I don’t share his liberal views on a lot of subjects, he’s still entitled to his opinion. This is still the United States of America, and free speech still reigns, for the time being anyways.

        If you listen to his songs, he is a closet conservative and he doesn’t even know it. He sings about conservative views and subjects

        • 4TimesAYear

          What he said:
          “When you’re my age, you’re very, very aware of your mortality,” says
          Seger, who will turn 70 in May. “You start thinking, ‘I’ve got to speak
          up before it’s too late and I can’t even get a record deal anymore.’”
          Environmental matters dominate several new songs, most notably “It’s Your World” (“Say a prayer for the victims of extinction,” he sings. “Say another for the redwood trees”). It’s an ominous-toned take on climate change that Seger knows could prove divisive among fans. Here, after all, is one of the Industrial Belt’s most prominent musicians going green. He says his management team “is petrified of it.”“People are going to be mad at me. There may be a lot of people that won’t come to the shows because of it,” he says. “But I just feel it’s something I’ve got to say.” He presses the point, brandishing a news article about the United Nations’ latest climate-change report. “There are a lot of culprits in climate change, and everybody’s responsible, myself included,” he says, voice rising. “Nobody gets a free pass on this one. We’ve got to change our ways and change them fast.”
          Again, he’s living large. When he downsizes his “carbon footprint” maybe people will believe him.

          • bluzrider

            Like I said, he never said we need to reduce our carbon footprint, he is doing what he thinks is right about waking people up. Now I don’t share that view, if fact I think that United Nations report that he cites is garbage, but if you are going to slam him for his views, you should at least quote the man right.

            And why should you care that he is living large, jealousy is an evil trait.

          • 4TimesAYear

            Why should I care? Again, because he’s still a hypocrite. He IS living large. He DID essentially say we need to reduce our carbon footprint. He just didn’t use those precise words. What do you call “Nobody gets a free pass on this one; WE’VE got to change our ways”? He can speak for himself. And I’m not one bit jealous.

  • Carolyn

    Why do any of you care where or what Bob Seager builds or how much it cost! I am so tired of people in everyone else’s pocketbooks and business! He has worked hard for “his” money and payed mega taxes on it! If he wants to gamble it away….it is his money to do so. He will pay the consequences, not you. If you want to work hard and build a huge house or give it away or save the money… what!
    Just saying….

  • Great show at the AMALIE ARENA TAMPA FL. , as always. Thanks for all the years of wonderful music.

  • Anne Melson

    I’m certainly Happy for Bob Seger and his family…. But that would be way to much house for me… Love Ya Bob Seger Mean It !

  • mike6700

    Bob you deserve everything you got just one bit of advice, make sure you have a elevator .

  • boatman

    Ive been in the home…very impressive..spent 3 hrs with mr Seger delivering his new boat..was really impressed with no genius but i believe he may be…he wrote down everything i said about the boat..looked over every 20yrs of history of that little lake.stared at depth finder as we drove around lake..tied boat off properly on his own.Wasnt personal but didnt expect him to be to some giy delivering his new pontoon..

  • 4TimesAYear

    Green hypocrite.

    “When you’re my age, you’re very, very aware of your mortality,” says
    Seger, who will turn 70 in May. “You start thinking, ‘I’ve got to speak
    up before it’s too late and I can’t even get a record deal anymore.’” . .
    Environmental matters dominate several new songs, most notably “It’s
    Your World” (“Say a prayer for the victims of extinction,” he sings.
    “Say another for the redwood trees”). It’s an ominous-toned take on
    climate change that Seger knows could prove divisive among fans. Here,
    after all, is one of the Industrial Belt’s most prominent musicians
    going green. He says his management team “is petrified of it.”

    “People are going to be mad at me. There may be a lot of people that
    won’t come to the shows because of it,” he says. “But I just feel it’s
    something I’ve got to say.” He presses the point, brandishing a news
    article about the United Nations’ latest climate-change report. “There
    are a lot of culprits in climate change, and everybody’s responsible,
    myself included,” he says, voice rising. “Nobody gets a free pass on
    this one. We’ve got to change our ways and change them fast.”
    Don’t expect the peons to change their ways if you’re not willing to change yours. The common person lives in something that’s doesn’t come close to being 1/30th of your home, Mr. Seger. They can’t change their ways because they’re not the guilty party.
    Funny how those shouting the loudest about needing to downsize their carbon footprint are the most able and least willing to do so.

  • Kenneth Houdek

    Good for him,if that’s what he likes. i don’t have any home,or apartment. No keys for anywhere. They rented to someone else who could pay their outrageous fees for that stupid dump, and put me in a homeless shelter system when i did not have the rent. And they threw out my guitars,amps,and everything in every room in the last apartment. Boy,were they impatient,or something.

  • Kenneth Houdek

    He was probably living out of his car at one time too,who knows.


    Rock on Bob. Memories are all over the world with billions who hear and remember the voice of one of the Kings of rock. Your friend Rusty Keyes.


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