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  • I’m curious if the anonymous reader knows how much money was spent on everything to build this behemoth. Plus, if they know when the home will officially be completed.

    • Kenny Forder

      It is already completed.

  • Okay, thanks Kenny. I was just commenting because it looks like grounds are unfinished. But the home is done.

    • Kenny Forder

      Yeah, that’s what I hate about the Bird’s Eye View. They should update it every 3 months or so. (I know, that would be kind of hard though) lol

  • Chance

    Definitely a nice exterior; the size is also a plus, now I just wonder what the interior is like. Based on the description, I have a sneaky suspicion that I wouldn’t like it.

  • I just think it’s a unique idea to have an indoor basketball court double as a garage. Wouldn’t that be really bad for the floor?

    I really like the exterior of this home. Right on a lake. Perfect.

    • Chance

      If it was a regulation basketball court (i.e correct flooring) it would be impossible to park 12 cars on it without ruining it, but if the court has reinforced concrete beneath a strong wood then it would work for parties and such but not as a constant garage.

  • architect 121

    It looks beautiful on the outside and I would love to see some interior pictures.

  • Barney

    The sheer, UNBELIEVABLE SIZE of this place take my breath away. Even if I could EASILY afford TWO palaces this size, I’d NEVER want ’em, even if I lived to 200 years old, and hosted formal society functions for 500 people, every other weekend!

    I’d love to know if Kaufman is married with kids, and if so, how many he has and how old they are, and if any of them still live with him. And, how often he REALLY entertains with HUGE parties of 100 or more. Odds are, that since he’s reached the incomprehensible heights of success and wealth he has, in order to build a castle like this, he’s at least middle-aged. Can you guys imagine living in this house, on a dark, stormy night, with possibly just you & your spouse, if you didn’t have live-in help?!? NO THANKS! What if you lost power, and for some reason, your back-up generator(s) DIDN’T WORK?!?

    • seth

      he is in his mid 40’s. he has a wife, and he has 4 kids, all of which are teenagers, only one lives outside of the house, he has his extended family currently living in his guest house because their house burned down. he actually has on a weekly basis 100’s of people come thru his house and he has many charity functions on a regular basis.

      • Kyle

        Just wondering, but why does he have hundreds of people come through his house weekly?

        • MT

          if i run to his house it would take ten seconds i live close to him but he has partys alot

  • Marie

    Pretty nice house for one that is over 40,000 usually most massive mansions are over the top but this one is pretty cool

  • Chance

    I’m not trying to stir the pot, but is it just me or does Barney complain about the size and grandeur of every large house you do a post on? Why does someone frequent a website about mega-mansions just to complain about the obscenity of there size?

  • Marcus

    Very nice looking house. I like the fact that it is on the lake and it has nice homes all around.

    Even at 40,000 Sq Ft it does not look out of place like say – that Florida Versailles monster that needs about 1,000 acres to go with the house.

    • Stewie

      Yeh I agree. This house is perfect and it’s a house were Lot and House actually match! Also, I love lakefront homes

  • Venom

    It is a gorgeous home.
    These photos really don’t do it justice.
    You really need to see the grounds to appreciate it.
    It has acres of land in the front and a long driveway that leads down to the house, which is rare for that area.
    Friend of mine lives across the street from it.

  • melynde fagnes

    why does the rich say rich ,and the poor stay poor. i am really bothered by this why is are country so poor? why are we in debt if were in some much debt who is it that we are in debt to japan ,iran ,china who ? if were not in debt why the heck don’t no normal everyday people make it ahead but thats probably why only the blacks stay behind because the white man dont have to do it, we do it to ourselveves for me to only to be 16 i can say as an african american we put our selves down when we really need each other i dont blame no on im just upset we are so behind in life . thank you sincerly, melynde, p.s nice house

    • Big D

      If you dont fix your incredibly poor english, sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, capitaization (not even your name??? come on!!!) then you’ll be pulling weeds out of the driveway of this house on weekends till you retire.

  • Jonathan Kaufman

    My friend just showed me this feed, and all I have to say is that this is absolutely ridiculous. Thanks for all of those who shared kind words, but just to keep the facts straight, I do not have 3 elevators in my house, I do not have a discotheque, there are not 9 bedrooms in my house, there is no two story library, and there is no maids house. Our basement is not modeled after the ben yahuda street in Jerusalem, it actually is modeled after modern art. We do have a mural in the bowling alley of a shwarma shack on the coastline of Tel-Aviv, maybe this is what caused the confusion. The basketball court is made to look like a garage from the outside, but does not actually serve as one. I hope this finds you well

    Seth, 99% of your facts are wrong. That is all

  • Anna Farina

    I work for a company that Alon Kaufman owns. He is a very successful business man and is wonderful to work for. No matter how you blow his house out of proportion or post incorrect facts, it doesn’t change the fact that he can probably afford a home three times that size and deserves every bit of it of his wealth and success. He is extremely charitable and I am proud to say that I work for him!

  • Adam Felek

    I was lucky enough to do the roof on this house. Every friday he would order about 15 pizzas, pop, buffalow wings, salad, and all the other fixins. i could chop off all but one finger n count on one hand how many other home owners weve had do that for us. verry generous, aside from that the house is frikin huuuuuge. 300+ sqaures of slate, unreal

  • Jeff Birman

    He is real nice guy. And deserves every bit of his success. Understand he paid about $6 million for the land and have $37 million or so invested in the project. But he is big into charities, etc. Very good about giving to those who need help. Funny thing is heard his wife is sort of a loose cannon. Not always so nice. Guess you can’t have it all.

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