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  • Chance

    Of all the great rooms, I like the 1st house and the 5th.

  • KEV

    Yeah, I give it to # 1 also. Champ D’Or is more grand in size, but looks like a lobby in a French hotel as much as a great room. Which is the way Shirley Goldfield wanted it.

  • Did anyone else notice that the great room in pictures 1 & 2 has a total of 4 grand pianos? Imagine 4-hand accompaniment x 4 pianos = 16 hands. I sure hope they are in tune! The possibilities are endless (and possibily horrific). I hope they don’t have children.

  • KEV


    In case anyone wonders why #1 is for sale. Man, what a house.

  • I don’t know how these home owners decorate these grand homes so profoundly. Surely it takes a dang long time. The results are so fabulous though! Great post

    • meltpot5

      4 words, they hire interior decoraters

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