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  • Iulian Pojar

    To small garage, so many bedrooms needs more cars.

  • Iulian Pojar

    and an hangar for two helicopters 🙂


    Wow it has so many bedrooms but it’s very gud,what kind of home design is it

  • Daniel

    At first glance, I thought this was the floorplan for the home across the street from Rod Stewart’s place in Beverly Park. Both have an ‘x’ floorplan.

  • Peter

    I know this house! Take a look at this!


    Look at Car Garage, look familiar… the two appartments on 1st floor…

    • Barney

      Nice try, Peter, but I can’t agree with you. They’re definitely not the same, but the house in your link is absolutely beautiful, and looks to be quite correctly designed in the French chateau vernacular, but it’s of course, ridiculously huge, but still very nice 🙂

      • Peter

        It is not a copy, but it was absolutely an inspiration to Jorge. There are many other things that look familiar…

  • Nalin

    I like it. Its a pretty different layout than the usual mansion. I think that bunker in the basement is hilarious, but at the same time I think more mansions should have that. Only major criticism is that the upper floor would look and feel like a hotel with long hallways of rooms, especially that 1 hallway with almost 20 bedrooms.

  • Chance

    Tyler Perry’s house also has the X shape, although on a much smaller scale (funny to call a 30,000 square foot house “much smaller”), good job Jorge.

  • Lol, I agree with Iulian. Cut out about 15 bedrooms to make a 20 car garage, lol. I really like the design though, I would love to see it in 3D form! And a helicopter pad is just….genius!

    • JORGE

      Hi. Thanks for your comments and attention. Well, in fact has only 4 suites on second level, 5 suites & kids bedroom on first level; and the rest are: 1 bedroom for housekeeper, one for the nurse (by the kids one) and 8 bedrooms for staff. Ahh, and the administrator´s departament at the end of one wing. Have you seen the secret rooms and dissapearing walls?

  • ethan

    the house is great, love the floor plan, but have to agree that too many bedrooms seems like a hotel. it’s perfect, great design and the way you did it, you’ve got a lot of talent.

  • Tze

    is it possible to get a clearer picture, cause I was hoping to study it in detail?

  • Zach

    This looks like Evander Holyfields home..

  • Jorge

    Dear Tze. Hi! I can send you my original on Revit, Autocad or JPG with full details. Just let me know. My mail is: todoababor@hotmail.com

  • Tze

    my email is heirs@hotmail.com… if you could send JPG files, that would be great, thanks

  • logan

    does anyone know where to find exterior views and elevations for this design?

  • Floyd

    Do each of the four screenshots represent a different floor? If so, which one is which? Thanks.

  • John Henry

    This is a fun amateur design.
    Entry is weakest part of design.
    Squeeze through a small hallway to go where?
    To the end wall with scattered furniture.
    Tight grand stairway.
    No reason to encapsulate Dining room.
    X plan reminds one of central nursing station in a hospital.
    Has a commercial, not residential feel, etc. etc.
    Ground floor needs to be opened up, better sequence of space needed.
    Long corridors as mentioned in other posts.
    Fun stuff with a $45 CAD program.
    Broderbund makes 3D Home Architect.
    All of you can design away with that program.

  • Carly

    Wow, Jorge! Great job!!
    First, let me say what I LOVE about this plan – the suites virtually all have WC *and* a bidet, something that is just not typical in American/British-designed homes, even over 10ksqm – fantastic!! Not only that but you didn’t skimp and just give them a little shower stall – they get a bath and a shower – FINALLY!! I love that there are multiple entertainment areas, that the Master (principal) bedroom has its own private loft area, again, really great! The changing rooms (male and female) for the covered pool are really beneficial, again, this is not seen too often but it just makes sense. Also, the gym and spa area in the terrace level is fantastic – why don’t more people put these rooms together like you have?

    I didn’t see any hidden doors or secret rooms 🙁 I LOVE those, so I saved the images and opened them in Adobe Illustrator to scour for them and still, I don’t see them??

    I did see (and like) how there is a spiral stair from the library to the wine cave, and also from the Office (lower left wing) to a private room in the terrace level.

    The only thing I would change on this plan is that anywhere that there is a bar area, there probably should be a powder room for ladies and gentlemen (which includes a urinal) – not a big deal.

    Some of the text is so small that I cannot see what the labels are – for example, the rooms directly to the left of the Library (main floor), the room directly across from the playroom on the first floor (something ‘ropa’? – a laundry room?) or what the little lounge room off of the master bedroom (principal) is called?

    For not being an architect, you have done a spectacular job – kudos to you!

  • Maggie May

    I think it is gorgeous. My only complaint is that the print is a tad too small for these old eyes to read. Nice work!!

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