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  • Daniel

    Interesting house. However, some rooms seem so huge that no matter how they are furnished, they will still have a warehouse feel to them.

  • Nalin

    the house is really nice, but the proportions are just too awkward. this house would be much better if it were half the size. the library looks like the only normal sized room. the kitchen looks ridiculous with that large of a counter

    also, 17 bedrooms, thats pretty cool.

  • Marcus

    The interior is very nice look but the outside (like Nalin said) is way out of proportion. Also Kenny it does looks much bigger than 25,000 Sq Ft.

  • Marie

    The house definitely looks bigger than the quoted 25,000 sq ft. The interior as has already been noted looks incredible, the pricing appears to be great for what you’ll get.

  • Swimmer

    Great! I LOVE the marble flooring in the foyer. This home is such a great deal!

  • Grrrowler

    I’m trying to come up with a word that’s stronger than “despise” but my thesaurus is failing me. I just dropped my parents off at a hotel while they are visiting town and it had more character both inside and out than this house has. It just looks big in order to impress.

    A “family” kitchen should never be large enough to require roller skates. A house doesn’t need 17 bedrooms unless it’s a beach/mountain/resort house that has LOTS of visitor, or unless the owners have 15 children.

    • Nalin

      yea this home really is just big for the sake of being big. If it was the same home with only 8 bedrooms and a total of 14,000 sq ft, it would be a great house. the quality of the home seems to be pretty nice

      • george

        Nalin I disagree, houses are like women’s breasts, bigger is better.

    • Barney

      TOUCHE’, Grrrowler 🙂 We’re both on the exact same page of the Wicked book entitled “Tell “em What You REALLY Think!” LUV it! I agree completely….this place looks like a masoleum with acres of white marble, among the even more ridiculous amount of square footage, and not much else in the way of interior decoration. Good ole’, LIMITLESS HUMAN GREED & EGO, large and IN CHARGE, as usual.

    • Ray

      The occupants of this house are an extended family of 18 people (whom I personally know), and they are selling the house because the kids have grown up/left.

  • KEV

    I actually think this is one of the more impressive homes I have seen here, although I would prefer more land around the house. I checked it out on google street maps and it looks pretty awesome from the sides and front. I think it looks bigger than 25,000 sf because the main part (not the wings on the sides) is mostly one big entry/living area that is just one story–probably like 8000 sf. Then the two side wings are each two story structures that are about 4000 sf or so each times two stories, for another 16,000 sf or so. Regardless, it is a HUGE house. Seems like a good deal for the price, although San Clemente is not as sought after as Beverly Hills, Bel Air, etc….This house there would probably be on the market for 30 million or more.

  • Venom

    This house is just pointlessly big.
    The architect did a piss poor job on this house.
    There is a house in the neighborhood across the street from me where something similarly was done, although not as big and not as extreme.
    The front living room, the dining room and the great room were just ridiculously over sized.
    You could have put a dining table that could fit 30 people easily in the dining room and the great room if I remember correctly was about 1,500 plus square feet.

  • Roadwork

    another big home nobody wants

  • Nick

    This mega mansion is simply extraordinary!!!

    The interior is surprisingly well designed and with the addition of expensive furnitures and paintings, it will look perfect for grand scale entertainment.You have to hire though a top notch decorator.Imagine the parties and the galas in this foyer!The office room is also top notch, while the huge professional kitchen is the ultimate dream for a chef!!!

    The price reduced more:Now it can be your dream house with only $5,595,000!!!
    The epitome of STEAL!!!

  • Nick

    Sold for $2,850,000 on Nov 15, 2011.

  • Lee

    The home actually sold for $2,875,000 and the offer was not the first – it was sold at auction for $3.3M and the buyer at the auction pulled out because of his wife not wanting to go through with it. After a $100K spank, the buyer got $230K back (of his 10% down) and the home was offered to my little brother for $2.875M (he was the 2nd bidder at the auction). The build quality is so impressive that the people that are rennovating the estate continue to comment on the impressive architecture and solid construction of the home. By mid-April, 2012, the home should almost be completely rennovated with many up-to-date features, electronics, security, solar, new rock-design pool and spa grotto, etc. The ACTUAL square footage has been newly recorded as over 30,000, as the basement is not a basement at all (it’s now a theatre, play area, etc.), but rather a floor that goes out to the pool area. By definition, a basement cannot also be a floor, so they corrected the square footage and the home is officially a 30,000 estate with three floors. For under $100 per square foot, it was a disgustingly incredible investment. 🙂

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