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  • John

    Big and ugly. The interior would have to be more or less completely gutted.

  • lowlvlnoob

    This house has been on the market several times throughout the years but never sold. The reason I think no one wants it is because it is located on a long shared driveway and this presents a lot of security risks. Plus the house looks like an apartment building haha

    • lowlvlnoob

      if you look at it from bing maps’ bird eye view you can see many flaws with the location/setting of the house

    • Kenny Forder

      Yeah, it definitely does look like an apartment building, but the octagonal shaped rooms give it some sort of distinction lol

    • george

      I totally agree with you, one thing that you failed to mention is the last time it was for sale it was over $400,000.00 less. My guess is if you fail to sell a house because it is over priced, the thing to do is to RAISE the price.

  • Sebastian

    WOW1 That place is nice. I think it is a good style and the rooms are a good size. Great info!

  • Nalin

    i have always found this house strange. It looks like a commercial property form the outside.

    the thing that people should keep in mind with potomac real estate though: the houses are usually really old; interiors will usually seem outdated or traditional

  • Barney

    One word, three syllables………..


    YEOW! Stevie Wonder could DESIGN a better lookin’ house! My Eyes! My Eyes! This place, outside and in, looks like something that was pieced together with LEFTover materials, and was given away in a Publishers’ Clearing House sweepstakes!

  • Marcus

    Strange looking house. The 100 different colors of marble on the floors looks like someone just could not make up their mind. I would have to pass this one up.

  • Nick

    Atrocious from every aspect.

  • Sam

    I love the exterior colour scheme, red brick and cream has always been a favorite. It looks okay apart from the three story towers either side of the house, they look disjointed and bulky. The interior looks okay, not sure about laminate floors or railings…

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