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  • Grrrowler

    Wow…this is…just wow. I hate the furniture, but that will go with the seller. This is an amazing place, and the history is incredible. It’s also right across the street from The Breakers and at the western end of the Cliff Walk. I want it.

  • Barney

    Grrrowler, and Mike, Kenny and anyone else…………..NOW we’ve got an honest-to-God, REAL MANSION, with impeccable, truly historic lineage, history, owners and from the one and only, genuine Gilded Age!! YEOW! I am truly awestruck at the work of art this palace is.

    See, I really only consider homes built before 1925 or so to be true mansions, because that’s what I was surrounded by and was taught as a kid. This kind of home is what the Grosse Pointe area, where I grew up, used to be full of. Tragically, the vast majority of those masterpieces have been torn down & subdivided, but I still clearly remember a good number of them from one I was young…..I’m 48 now.

    Fairholme is truly EXQUISITE

  • Barney

    in every way, shape & form….while not my favorite type of architecture or design, the house is literally and impeccably perfect in way. The interior design, colors, furniture, finishes, art, accessories, lighting, light fixtures, windows, SCENERY…..EVERY last thing is beyond beautiful. Can you guys imagine what it must’ve been like to actually LIVE in this place, with an army of live-in help, at your beck and call? GOD….that might as well have been ANOTHER PLANET altogether, when compared to life today….not just another era, much less just a short 100+ years ago, on the same planet…..almost impossible to imagine. Know what I mean?

  • Kieran



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