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  • Nalin

    the house is really nice, but I would be terrified to live here. it looks like the perfect setting for a horror movie about a haunted house.

    • Kenny Forder

      haha, it kind of does.

  • lowlvlnoob

    would be a perfect house if it was located in Alpine/Saddle River, NJ, or Greenwich/New Canaan, CT, where all the old money mansions are

    • Kenny Forder

      Yeah, I could definitely see this home in Greenwich.

      • Samuel

        There’s really no reason for being so mean-spirited. As for the lack of elegance in Kentucky… Have you ever been to Lexington? Have you ever visited Calumet or any of the numerous and legendary horse farms of this area. The countryside surrounding Lexington could pass for the rolling green hills that surround Paris, France. In fact, it has doubled for the French countryside in several well known films.

    • Samuel

      There is old money in Kentucky, my friend. There are fortunes in Kentucky that were begun when Kentucky was but part of the Virginia Colony. The state is liberally peppered with Georgian, Greek Revival, and Italianate mansions that would make your head spin.

  • ‘just seems like they’re trying to place fake elegance in a place where there is none.’

    I disagree, I think they did a very good job with the design and it feels 100% legitimate.

    Nalin, so would I! It would be kinda fun to live on edge all the time though haha.

    • Barney

      Hey You Guys………While it’s far from my persona favorite style of architecture, I agree with those who said that this house is done VERY well, and very true to it’s strict Enlgish Tudor style. I grew up in Grosse Pointe Michigan, were there were a LOT of historic and true mansions (8/10/12/14 bedrooms, with full-time, live in staffs of 10 or more) like this one. This place is ULTRA specifiic though, and you HAVE TO ADORE textbook correct English Tudor style through every inch of the house obviously. This place was built to IMPRESS, on a SERIOUSLY GRAND & FORMAL scale, 24/7, 365.

      And I agree with you Kenny, that it needs to be in Conneticut/Boston or another similar, old money, historic state & area, for sure. One thing I’ll NEVER understand, though……in THIS all too screwed up day & age, WHY on EARTH would ANYone ever build a house THIS incomprehensibly HUGE?!? Talk about a WASTE! I mean, these sellers are gonna’ get DISEMBOWELED on the final sale price, if it EVER sells. Such hubris is permanetly beyond my ability to comprehend. SUPER big, yes….maybe even to the point of having an extra thousand or fifteen-hundred square feet that you’d never use…..but TWENTY-FOUR-THOUSAND-TWO-HUNDRED-AND-FIFTY-TWO SQUARE FEET?!?! GOOD LUCK Bloomfields…..they’re gonna’ NEED it, and a truckload of miracles to sell that place today.

  • george

    My question is just where do the get the sq ft number. Is it just living space on two floors or does it include the garage, the basement, the the attic, a guest house, a gazebo, a barn, a storage shed,etc, etc, or as in some cases a guest house they plan to build.

    • CC

      The square foot number would be living space above ground… if its a finished attic with certain height clearance it canbe included in the sq ft. No garage, basements, gazebos, barns, porches, storage sheds, etc… are not in square footage.

      • Daniel

        Not necessarily…Perhaps it’s just screwy Florida, but down here 99.7% of advertised square-footage includes the garage, porches, covered balconies, etc. Basically anything with a foundation and a roof is included.

    • KEV

      I would guess this house is 24,000 just from the house alone. Unless there are a lot of 2 story ceilings on the first floor rooms, (looks like just the living room and foyer from the pics) I can definitely see 12,000 SF on each floor–that house is freaking massive. Not my favorite style, but very well done and the finish out is very high end without being completely over the top.

  • Marcus

    At this price it should sell. 24,000 square feet would cost you three times that in most cities.

  • Stewie

    wow I love it! beautiful estate

  • Stewie

    Also, 6.5million is nothing (in comparison of course to other estates that size)! You only have to be worth like 20-30 million to own this, which is well within reach for major sport stars etc. I think it will sell

  • Kieran

    It makes me happy to see some people still have good taste!

  • Nick

    The exterior is possibly the most frightening I have ever seen.When you look at it,
    you can feel repulsion and horror feelings.Somehow it looks like the house it’s bulletproof (lol).I think that it would be better if this estate was located in CT.

    The interior needs some kind of renovation:The majority of the furnishings are old looking, thus they need to be changed with the first chance.The rooms are designed nice, but with the particular interior I’m not a fan.And that green dining room is very ugly.

    Maybe the interior plays more impartant role than we can think with regards to the low price…

  • Bob Amato

    Well the wife died recently so her living space has certainly down sized.

  • LaFargue

    Where do the slaves sleep?

  • Jill

    I think they should convert it to a country club / golf course / hotel.

  • Jill

    Sorry to hear about the wife 🙁

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