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  • Stewie

    recession? what recession!

  • KEV

    I’d predict that 3, if not all 4 will be on the market within 5-7 years, assuming they are built in the first place. 15 to 20,000 sf is just so much home, plenty for anyone. Anything beyond is nothing more that an ego trip. I think we see it every day on this blog with the listings from people wanting to “downsize” a year or two after moving in to their gigantic homes. These will probably be no different.

  • Marcus

    After reading the article it sounds like all the homes are being build for people with a lot of money so they may not be on the market. I wish the Architect’s web site site had more info.

  • Daniel

    As I was reading this, I am thinking to myself, “Where the f**k was I”? Then I realized that some of these home are already completed.

    The Delray Beach property is owned by Massimo Musa, also known as the CEO of Lasik eye institute. The property is absolutely incredible. Birds-eye view and street-view are available. Interestingly, on the property appraiser, the record is “confidential”. The home is directly north 2355 S Ocean Blvd., Highland Beach, FL.

    The Manalapan property is located at 1280 S. Ocean Blvd., Manalapan FL. Pictures located here:

    • Marcus

      Thanks Daniel for the link. They have some great houses (many with floor plans) to look at.

    • Nick

      The Manalapan residence it is owned by Tonio Arcaini.

      I can’t wait to see the other 2 mansions!

  • Marie

    I’m with you Stewie LOL, interesting article.

  • CC

    Really not impressed with the Birdseye or link to the photos. They are both just big ugly houses. Nothing significant or unique about their architecture.

    • Daniel

      I agree with the Manalapan one. But if you saw the outside of the Delray Beach one in person, you may change your mind 😉

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