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  • Nalin

    pretty nice, better than the other Dubai house.

    This house is a weird mix between Mediterranean and contemporary, but its pretty nice I think.

    Side note: that kitchen looks way to small for a 34,000 sq. ft. house

    • Nalin

      I also wouldn’t look in Dubai for architectural masterpieces; raw size and amenities govern their architecture.

  • Marcus

    If you look at the floor plan on the realtor’s web site you will see something very odd. In all 8 bedrooms you have to go though the closets to get to the bathrooms. Whats up will that?

  • Daniel

    I suppose the bareness of the home is done on purpose as the new owner will surely fill it up with gigantic oil paintings with gold frames, gold furniture, oriental rugs and probably some wildly colorful wall colors (Lapis, Terra Cotta, Crimson, *GOLD*, etc).

    I do, however, think the chessboard water fountain in the front is unique.

  • Ida

    cold.not cosy at all…

  • Venom

    $21 million?
    That opened my eyes up.
    And no, not impressive.
    Looks like you are living in a high end car dealership.
    And Dubai, no, I will pass.

  • Grrrowler

    Are +$20 million houses still selling in Dubai? Last I had heard there was a huge amount of inventory and things were either not selling or selling WAY below their asking price.

  • jdubble07

    I was going through the listing website and checking out other properties. I found one and I was curious if anyone could answer a question for me… What’s with all the tissue boxes all over the house? Is it cultural? A cheap staging technique? Allergy season? I counted 17 around the house. Even for a 6 bedroom house that seems like an awful lot.

  • Tony

    This house looks like a cheap peice of crap, I notice this about a lot of middle eastern houses, the house looks cold, the rooms look too big, I like large homes but a big room has to look warm and inviting, not cold like a storage room or empty office space, this home looks like a comercial space available for lease, it also looks very cheap, the walls look like they are made of cardboard, it looks like if you punched the wall your fist would go right through, take a look at iris cantor’s home La Belle Vie, take a look at Candy Spelling’s The Manor, take a look at Le Belvedere by Mohammed Hadid or any Hadid property and take a look at pretty much any Finton Construction property, you will notice that most of these properties have moldings over the entire walls, not just crown molding but the entire wall is covered in molding, then after looking at those homes take another look at this Dubai home and see how cheap and crappy it looks by comparison, I notice that a lot of homes featured on here look cheap and that is ok if we are talking about a home that is under a million dollars, but when you are talking about ten million dollar plus homes the walls shouldn’t look like they are made of cheap dry wall that looks like card board, anyone that knows anything about quality can see that this home is cheap and overpriced

  • Torin

    What’s up w/ the Dubai mansions?

  • Nick

    It’s a nice estate with a relatively livable interior, but that’s it: The location for me is

  • nucleus

    Thank you for images its so helpful. The mansion looks very attractive and livable. The interior looks very efficient. exhibition booth designer The pool side is good.

  • nucleus

    Thank you for images its so helpful. The mansion looks very attractive and livable. The interior looks very efficient. exhibition booth designer The pool side is good.

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