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  • Daniel

    Wow. Talk about no privacy…

    • Kenny Forder

      Yeah, it’s extremely close to the road. If I were building a home of that size, I would build it easily 500 feet from the street, if not more.

      • Daniel

        Ok, so I’ve found the lot (intersection of Gulf Shore Blvd & 8th Ave N./ S. Golf Drive and it doesn’t seem as terrible as the picture above. That is a parking lot, and not a major road as I thought. Still, it is by no means private.

  • Marcus

    It is next door to the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club. Why is it that so many of people who have the means to build something like this have no taste whatsoever?

  • C

    It never surprises me how stupid realtors are.

    Permit value to build $10million plus land…

    but they feel its worth $40??? Moron just don’t get that the bubble is OVER. And these pricing strategies and theories are why half the houses featured on this site feaster in the market forever.

    • Venom

      What the hell are you talking about?
      They are not selling the house, it is being built for someone, they have no skin in the game.
      You try to put the permit value as low as you can get away with so that you can get as low a property tax appraisal as possible which is pretty important in that price range.
      If you knew the littlest thing about real estate you would know that it would be virtually impossible to build a 32,000 sq ft home of that magnitude and detail on the water in Naples for $10 million.
      If you read the article is clearly states that a 12,000 sq ft house sold last year in the area for $17.5 million, SOLD, so what do you imagine that a 32,000 sq ft home in the same area is worth?

      My property taxes on my home are about $14,000 a year.
      Not fun. Now imagine his situation.
      A lower appraisal could save him as much as $300,000 plus a year in property taxes.
      Do you think that he might be interested in saving that?

  • Sebastian

    I would not build a house like that so close to a bustling area. I wonder what the owner’s name is. Apparently he is doing well and wants to show it.

  • Daniel

    According to the property appraiser, the owner is Neil Whitesell. A Google search turned up a company with the same last name, and it seems to supply a bunch of electronic systems for cars and such…

  • Honda

    He owns a large fastener company based in Muscle Shoals, AL. Or actually, I guess the corporate HQ is now in Naples but the operations are centered in the Shoals… He claims to be a domestic manufacturer, but the vast majority of what he sells is imported from Asia and distributed through a downright HUGE center in Tuscumbia.

    I know for a fact that he has, or did at one point have, a mini-mullet.

    I’m sure he’s not hurting, though if you bump into him ask him what his Christmas cards from Electrolux and Whirlpool had written in them!!

  • Nick

    It is very close to a parking lot and that means lack of privacy and quiet.

    The house seems very interesting though.

    Great post Kenny!

  • j

    The house cost 50m to complete

  • j

    The pool alone cost 10 million

  • Rhonda Smith

    You folks must understand where Neil came from and just what he has achieved in life. Our little town of Muscle Shoals, AL is very small. I don’t think he’s worried about what you all saying about him having bad taste. I am pretty sure though he is just pleasing himself and he should at this point. You go Neil!

  • Tilly Ann

    Most of the homes on Gulf Shore Blvd. aren’t very private if you ask me. There’ all kinds of public beach access and parking areas. Tons of trees and vegetation will be planted and will make it as private as it can be in that busy area. I actually prefer the yellow colored Mediterranean home built nearby.

  • Mark

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