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  • Chance

    It’s pretty nice overall, it is a little “cold” but I’ll take that over tacky and ostentatious any day of the week.


  • Nalin

    the “office” feel is exactly what i thought of before i even read your description

  • Nalin

    the elevator looks like an office elevator also

  • architect 121

    I used to live in Dubai with my wife. she’s originally from canada, but lived 5 years in Dubai as a child (her father was in the oil business). I fell in love with their architecture, and even though this is a beautiful home, it is a poor example of the amazing craftsmanship they have in the U.A.E.

  • Nick

    Overall it’s a nice estate with a little bit cold interior.However, with the addition of expensive decoration you can transform this house into something beautiful.The interior is not something to die for, but it’s either ugly.It has potential.

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