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  • Elizabeth

    call me paranoid but I would not want any light fixtures above my swimming pool or bath tub

  • Jason

    wow! the enlarged pic looks great. that indoor pool is in the house of Texas billionaire Gerald Ford. It’s located in the Volk Estates neighborhood of University Park in Dallas where a number of other billionaires live. I took a tour of the house and it’s just shy of 30,000 sq feet and a masterpiece of Beaux Arts design. Larry Boerder is the Dallas architect who designed it. He is supremely talented.

    • Kenny Forder

      I know, it’s amazing! thanks for the info! you’re so lucky, I would give anything to take a tour of that home, it’s magnificent!

      • Nick

        Kenny do you know the address of this mansion in Dallas?

  • Russell

    Updown Court’s pools are defiantly the nicest I have seen.

  • tony

    I agree with Elizabeth all the way. There are plenty of other rooms in a mansion to dangle an electronic fixture. That’s got Final Destination written all over it.

    I actually like some of the indoor pools that are featured in the forums on here. I think it looks amazing when 1 or more of the pool edges are along a glass wall on a hillside home! You’re literally swimming into the view! That’s gotta be a rather sureal experience.

    Still, at the end of the day, no indoor pool will ever match the potential of an outdoor one.

    • Venom

      Lol, Final Destination.
      That movie and Nightmare on Elm Street messed me up.
      Even though you know they are not real, there is always a little part of you that is terrified they might be.

  • Venom


  • Daniel

    In South Florida, indoor pools are something of a rarity, but I think this home listed for $17.9 in Boca Raton’s Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club is pretty cool, especially withe the 2nd story walkway.


    Overall though, I think San Simeon/Hearst Castle has the nicest indoor pool.

    • Daniel

      $17.9 million*

  • Two indoor pools that I really like are at “Living Waters” in Minnesota, and Brian & Kim Ross’ in Cortland, Ohio.

  • Kenny, from you’re site here, here is the picture from “Living Waters”


  • KEV

    Well, the light fixtures are wired there at the ceiling in a juction box, so if they some how pulled loose and fell into the water, they would no longer be connected to any electrical supply. However, they would still conk you on the head, but no electrocution. Even if electricity somehow made it to the water, a GFCI (ground fault circuit interupter) would trip the breaker quicker than the blink of an eye. So again, no shock. Keep in mind most pools already have an underwater light system in them that SHOULD ALWAYS be wired to a GFCI, or you are risking a Final Destination death.

    So ultimately, no risk of frying in this pool, but the light could always fall and kill/knock out and drown someone.

    Very impressive work, however!

    • Roadwork

      good info

    • Elizabeth

      thanks for the explanation. I’m a little less paranoid about it now

  • jdubble07

    This home in Highland Beach, FL in addition to being oceanfront and having an outdoor pool, also has a great indoor pool…

    While this one isn’t an indoor pool, it’s still an amazing 3rd floor roof deck infinity-edge oceanfront…

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