Nalin here,

This amazing estate is also a fully functional vineyard. With 7 bedroom and 10 bathrooms, this 12,000 sq. f.t home sits on 4.04 acres of working vineyards. Located at 25810 Vinedo Lane in Los Altos Hills, California, this home is loaded with features. There is a billiards room, theater, 12 car garage, tennis court, infinity edge pool, guest huose, putting green, vineyard, multiple libraries, and exquisite landscaping. The home is listed at $18,950,000. The virtual tour is a must!



  • tony

    LOVE IT!!

    i’m much more of an outdoors/landscaping fan than interiors or even the estates themselves. the outdoors has it all! i love the vineyard too. as far as interior, the rooms are big enough for a mansion but not too big, enough to still carry a personal feel. i love the model railroad in the gameroom too. all they need to add to it is the ability to stop at the bar so the bartender can fill up drinks, place them in cupholders on the train, and then have the train “serve” rounds near the pool table!

    overall, the entire estate is done very tastefully. not over the top but still very elegant. a perfect balance.

    general review= 10/10
    personal review- 9.5/10 because I prefer more resort/party-like settings with waterslides, wave pools, swim up bars, grottos, carnival rides, casinos, nightclubs, sex rooms and sand volleyball courts 🙂


  • Nick

    WONDERFUL mansion!!!

    The interior is ubelievably beautiful, while the exterior and the landscaping are excellent.