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  • lee

    “French-Inspired Mediterranean” huh? =)

    • Kenny Forder

      haha yup, that’s what it said on the listing info. wait, let me rephrase that, it said “french mediterranean”, not “french-inspired”. I’ll guess I’ll have to change that then lol

      • Grrrowler

        That listing agent needs to read up on his architectural styles. That house is French country through and through. Regardless, nice house!

        I can’t say I love the bathroom with the green wallpaper. Who’s brilliant idea was it to mount a cabinet directly above the toilet? I don’t know about someone who can afford a $7,000,000 house, but when I make a trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I’m not fully awake enough to dodge built-ins when I stand up to stagger back to bed.

        • Kenny Forder

          yeah you’re right, it’s definitely more country. I changed the title to that! thanks lol.

          I know! The cabinet seems out of place and doesn’t really flow seamlessly with the others. I have a cabinet beside my toilet, which is better lol.

  • Nalin

    this is nice. really similar to a house i posted a while back from the same builder.

  • Barney

    Hey Guys……..Yet another beautiful French inspired home, but don’t you guys think that they ALL have definitley blurred together, when they’re all so similiar in architecture/style/colors & detail? I’m one of the worlds most seriously frustrated architects/interior designers,(and a former, high-end realtor) and I’ve got a truly exacting eye for all those things. I mean, with SO MANY houses very much like this one for sale from coast to coast, it’s impossible to not see how alike they’ve all become. Know what I mean? And one BIG detraction for this house, which I COULD NOT believe when I first saw the pics…..THE KITCHEN!!! Who was the IDIOT who designed it? ONLY TWO little windows, waaay up by the ceiling, which has got to be 15 feet high? The entire room’s gonna’ be unusable in the even of a power outage (if the place doesn’t already have a generator, which I have no idea if it does or not). Agreed? That really blew my mind.

  • Trev

    The french country look is very cozy and is one of my favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Venom

    Gorgeous, I love French Country.
    One of the best designs there is.

  • Marie

    I agree with that this is one of the prettiest homes listed. I like having the theater on the first floor. Definitely agree that having the green wall paper needs to go. The rest of the home is fantastic.

  • Nick

    Absolutely brilliant house.

    The interior is excellent if you omit the green bathroom.

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