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  • Venom

    Nice enough place.
    I assume he built this with the intention that you could turn it into a nice boutique hotel.

    Is it just me or does this guy remind you of an Ewok?

    • Kenny Forder

      hahaha, he kind of does look like one!

  • C

    The price is $850,000,000 BAHT which equates to $26,360,681.94 USD at present conversion rates

    • Kenny Forder


  • Tony Soto

    She’s gorgeous. Love the features.

    Oh, and the house is pretty cool too.

  • Marie

    For a house that is massive in size, it’s gorgeous.

  • This home is beautiful, but i think the rooms are oversized a little. It does have that boutique hotel feel, as if the owner renovated it to a house like the Versace mansion in Miami. My first thought when i hear (Thailand beachfront) is a tsunami. But the home is one of the nicest beach homes I’ve seen in a long time. For $26 million i think it’s a good deal

    • that is of course your insured, you never know in those asian islands with those weather conditions (lol)

  • george

    I visited this country while on leave durning the Viet Nam war. I can not imagine living there under ANY circumstances, no matter how nice the house is.

    • cal

      Judging a country today based on what it was like almost 40 years ago (while involved in a war, no less) seems kind of stupid.

      • george

        Cal I spoke of my feelings, not someone elses. But they don’t call it the third world for nothing. Also the ownership of anything and the safety of the residents depend on the stability of the government.

        • John

          third world???? I don’t think anyone who has been to Thailand in the last decade would call it third world!

          there are no safety issues in Phuket, crime rates are low and there was no sign of any political trouble during last years Red shirts protests. Thai people are some of the nicest and welcoming you will ever come across.

          Suggest getting facts right before making spurious comments about a country 40 years after you visited!!

          • Paul

            Thailand is officially termed a developing country. Living conditions are quite good. The people generally are also good. However, like anywhere else, there is crime, scams, shady characters and an often corruptible police force. So, if you are wealthy and there is a way to shake you down, that would be entirely in the realm of probability. There are many stories to back up these statements.

          • jeremy

            Thailand is known as the brothel of the world.
            So how can you call people that “sell” their own daugher’s asset? I will certainely not call them nice or warmful.
            About crime rate, if you read the local newspaper, you will see its very very high.Everyday you read story about beating, murder, thieves and so on. Officialy there are 10 time more murder in thailand than in U.K.

  • Alexander

    See http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/16/greathomesanddestinations/16gh-thailand.html?_r=4 for more information about the house and some more pictures.

  • Stewie

    DAMN! All I can say is WOW! AMAZING place. This is exactly the reason why I love Homesoftherich so much! Always new, original, great posts about fabulous estates! Kenny, you rule!

    • Kenny Forder

      lol thanks Stewie!

  • Stewie

    I bet you that guy gets loads of Thai pussy when he’s down there. The girl in the pic is fiiine

    • Venom

      Hey, we keep it clean in these parts.
      This is not Perez Hilton.

      • Roadwork

        and who are you the internet police.

    • Kenny Forder

      you guys are too much =P

  • Onions

    Fight! Fight! Fight!

  • Peter

    Who is the architect or designer?

  • Absolutely amazing beach house.

  • Bill

    Beyond has been sold, for close to the asking price, reportedly to a wealthy Russian. There goes the neighborhood. http://www.thephuketinsider.com/real_estate/phukets-usd24-million-dollar-villa-sale.php

  • Nick

    This is a BEACH MANSION!!!

    Marvelous! Spectacular! Incredible!

    This stunning contemporary mansion is considered a modern masterpiece from every aspect: The exterior is unique, while the interior is marvelous and surprisingly not cold for such a massive house.The home theater room and the living room are excellent.

  • Eric Levine

    Damn, I think I may be the wrong Eric Levine…

  • wwwbkkaptcom

    The guy is now broken and his fitness chain is about to close…

  • Paul

    The house is impressive, the owner engaged in guestionable business practices to obtain the wealth to buy it. See the article in the link below.


  • The Ajarn

    Bangkok Bank is just going to LOVE this house when they repossess it after California WOW’s gone bankrupt now and can’t pay its multi-million baht loan…

    Funny, there are Thai government lackeys that easily have at least a billion baht in their pockets.

    • Basjke

      But I think they gonne hate it when they find out that it has been sold to already a Russian,according to a post higher up.

  • Mike

    Eric Levine is a scam artist, just search his name up. Various pending lawsuits and various business owners commenting online trying to sell him stuff that are no good.

  • Chris

    its pretty, and seems a steal considering a 30,000 sq ft mansion in Baton Rouge went for $40million

  • James

    WoW – so this is where Levine’s money went that he robbed from his Gym members. Company bankrupt, customers left paying massive installments for membership and training, and Levine flees the country.

    Crime pays huh?

  • canadian traveler

    I have stayed in this villa- calling it a house is an understatement.
    the home is spectacular and in an area that was untouched by the tsunami- each room is elequently designed and well thought out, yes very large but somehow still feels warm and comfortable. 10 washrooms, 2 pools, little golf course on your own beach- what more can a person ask for!

  • bob

    This guy is a jew from Montreal, Canada.
    This fitness fraud is same that went on in North America decades ago by the same people.
    Because he can’t perpetuate the crime in Canada, he went over to Asia.

  • Dave

    Where in Phuket is this?

  • Nojuice

    Jew thief scam artist. Just look at the frog face so easy to see!

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