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  • tony


    several things i would fix though:

    1. not sure what that little creek next to the pool is. if it’s trying to be an infinity it’s not doin to well. they should widen it and turn it into a lazy river.
    2. dining table should be in it’s own room
    3. the straw hut looks great next to the pool but the big one on the actual property’s gotta go.
    4. white exterior, not yellow!
    5. several giant helicopters needed to pick the entire lot up, fly it out of Mexico and land it in any other country.

    other than that this place is great!

    • Nalin

      haha spot on comments.

      i really like the foyer, the entrance is very simple, clean and elegant

  • Venom

    I love this place, gorgeous.
    How much?

    Now I am going to have Madonna’s Isla Bonita song in my head all day.

  • Stewie


  • Nick


    This exotic mansion is appropriate for relaxation and vacation.


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