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  • Russell

    Great job!! The only thing I would do is switch the massive storage area in the basement with the catering kitchen in the attic. This would be much better for large parties on the main and lower level.

    The indoor pool is nice it reminds me of the one in Updown Court in England.

  • Nalin

    those plans are really amazing. must have taken a while. my only question: how do the cars get into the subterranean garage? there must be some type of ramp or car elevator somewhere right?

    overall very nicely done and well thought out

    • James

      I neglected to show the driveway going around to the side of the lower level of the motor court. I’ve been tweaking the plans for several months. I’m working on creating it in Google Sketch-up…so I can get a realistic 3D aspect of the sheer size of the house.

  • Venom

    Very nice, a lot of work and a lot of detail.
    There are some big flaws though.
    The upstairs bedrooms are kind of awkward and I don’t like the bedrooms touching each other and there would be little privacy with the walls touching each other.
    Bedrooms 3 and 4 look like they share a bathroom which would be crazy for a 30,000 square foot home.

    The upstairs track and locker rooms just seem strange and out of place with your upstairs living areas and sleeping quarters so near. All physical and gym activities should really be in the basement level or a separate attached building. There is not enough separation.
    Also, in a house that large you should have staff quarters as well as in law quarters and as I see it, the area off the upstairs locker rooms could only support one, either staff or in laws.
    I would scrap the upstairs as you have it altogether and start over.

    The wine cellar should be larger than the cigar lounge and there is really no need for a separate bar and kitchen in the basement. You can combine it with no problem and use that area for something else.

    You have a good eye and good ideas.

    • James


      I appreciate the feedback. I am a big boy and I can take the criticism. I would like to address some of your concerns though. As far as the bedrooms touching one another…If sound was an issue you could use “QuietRock” soundproof drywall as well as cellulose insulation to take care of that. The other option would be to switch the bedroom and bathroom/closet areas around on bedroom #4…that way there would be no adjoining walls with bedroom #3. As far as beds #2 and #5…there isn’t much you could do from a design standpoint in my opinion…but the quietrock would definitely take care of the problem. I personally love the idea of the suspended track and there was no other place to put it than on the 2nd floor (which is really the 3rd floor of the sports complex). At the far end of the upstairs hallway there are a set of double doors to segregate the track/locker room area from the rest of the house. I probably do need to revise the layout of the lockers, sauna and steam shower though. Maybe I put the sauna and steam shower in the middle…and have the locker rooms on either side? I do show a separate (2,500 sq ft) fully equipped 2 bedroom 2 bathroom staff apartment above the garage. I probably could have done a better job of labeling it though. It has its own separate entrance via the foyer and stairs off the motor court. As far as an actual in-laws quarters…they could be set up in the guest suite on the main floor. I could probably incorporate a small morning kitchen into the plan if necessary. I wanted the cigar lounge to be rather large to be able to accommodate a bar, additional seating as well as a card table or pool table? I personally don’t care for cigar smoke and wouldn’t want it wafting through other parts of the house. It goes without saying that the lounge would be equipped with a top of the line exhaust and filtration system to help with this issue. As far as the wine cellar being undersized…the dimensions I show (18x12ft) would be more than enough for over 1,500 bottles…which would be plenty in my opinion. In a later comment you also expressed concern with the noise from the gym…as well as humidity from the pool. To address the issue of the noise, I would opt to go for a pad & poured urethane floor in the gym. They are so much more versatile than a traditional wood floor. That’s the kind of floor I had in my high school gym…and we could play soccer, as well as baseball and didn’t have to worry about the floor being damaged…not to mention they have almost zero sound reverberation. The pool area is actually 3 stories tall (might not have been obvious from my drawings) and the roof and exterior walls would be glass with motorized vents in the ceiling to allow humidity to escape (similar to a greenhouse).

      All that being said…I know this house won’t please everybody. It is just my idea/interpretation of what I would want in my dream house. I have spent months on it with little tweaks here and there. Overall I’m very pleased with how it came out. And I’m very glad that Kenny agreed to post it for me so I can see what other people’s opinions are of my dream home.

      I would love to see the floor plans to your 10,000 sq ft home. Kenny sent me the ones from the Alpine mega mansion the other day and I spent hours upon hours stydying them. I don’t know if it’s a hobby or adiction, lol.

      Thanks again for the comments.

      • Venom

        The criticism was not meant to be negative at all, but helpful.
        I think you have great ideas and a great eye.
        I have the vision, but sadly not the drafting skills like you do.
        When you have been through as many homes as I have you can almost do a virtual walk through and kind of see what works and what does not.
        My neighbor’s house with the indoor basketball court and pool was designed by himself and it is jacked up beyond belief.
        The floorplan, the bedrooms everything is just screwed.
        He saved money on the architect and made his house virtually unsellable. lol

        I was not referring to your pool in your drawing, it was just a general comment about indoor pools.

        Personally at that level, I would not even build in-law quarters in the home. I would build a separate guest house on the property. Sometimes a little space is a good thing. lol
        I have a buddy that put an observatory in his home, I am curious what your opinion on that was. I have never seen it in another home and I personally would not do it, but he likes it.

        • James

          I also have the ability to envision the home as if it were real and I was standing in it…or walking through it. I would never build this house or any house for that matter without having a licensed architect design it for me to make sure everything was as it should be structurally as well as aesthetically. My designs are just there to point the architect in the right direction. I also like the idea of a separate guest house.

          Thanks again for the comments!

  • C


    Your review is a lil rude to act like your oppinion is right instead of saying you’d do this.

    FIrst off, bedroom 3 and 4 have completely different bathrooms. Apparently you’ve also never even been in a house, because bedrooms usually touch each other…. It’s customary to separate of the master but to separate of every single bedroom would be next to impossible or create and odd floor plan of random living spaces between every bedroom…. which would make no damn sense.

    The sport complex is a neat idea, it is close to the house for accessiblity. Anyone can build a second structure to merge it to be easily accessible is an interesting idea. It’s not like this is a YMCA gym attached to a house… so to complain about separation is a lil retarded… otehr than to say you wouldnt like it that way.

    • Venom


      I have built more than one million dollar home and my current home is about 10,000 square feet total and none of the bedrooms touch each other for your information.
      I don’t want to hear my brother having sex with his wife when he comes to visit me in the other bedroom.
      The way the plan is drawn I would assume that the bathroom next to bedroom 4 is for the gym area as there does not seem to be a bathroom in that area other than that, but there are locker rooms and a sauna and steam room.

      I have a sauna and steam shower in my basement, albeit not as large as this one, and that has it’s own separate bathroom.

      I also have a separate 2 bedroom staff area that can be locked off from the main living quarters and that has its own bathroom.
      I also have a separate in-law suite area.

      Nobody learns anything if you tell them yes all the time and you don’t point out flaws. You become great from criticism and advice.

      If you had ever lived in a house or built one you would know that it is very easy to separate bedrooms.
      You can have a game room in between them, or if they both have bathrooms, you can put the bathrooms next to each other. Or if you have an upstairs laundry that room can be in between the bedrooms, walk-in closets etc….

      If you had ever actually been in a home with a gym or basketball court inside you would know that you would want separation.
      My neighbor has one inside his house and when the ball bounces the sound goes all through the house and his wife looks like she wants to kill him sometimes, not to mention that the hardwood floors and the high ceiling amplify the sounds on the court to a very loud level disturbing everyone.
      He has an indoor pool in the basement also which is the worst idea ever.
      Just massive amounts of humidity.
      You should always build an indoor pool in a separated 2 story area attached to the house, never in a basement.

      I would suggest you actually get out in the world and learn something before you go shooting off your mouth. What are you, 12? You sure write like it.

      • Siza Vieira

        Venom, i am a great Portuguese architect, i build some mansions all over Europe. And i do not agree with you.

        Siza Vieira

        • Venom


          This is America, not Portugal.
          You build a home for your client, not for yourself and seeing as I and many others that come to this site live in these kinds of homes, the person writing the check’s opinion is the one that matters.
          I have been through enough homes to have a pretty good idea of what works and what does not.
          Homes in different countries and regions vary greatly, you cannot use your Portugese homes as a comparison to US homes really.

        • Venom

          *and European homes*

          • Peter


            You don’t live in these kinds of homes lol

  • There’s a lot RIGHT with this house (but you may want to make the garages a bit deeper, like 27 to 30 feet instead of the suburbia 24)


    • James

      I thought about that originally…then I saw the floor plans for the Alpine mega mansion…and their garages were only 23 ft deep. My garage at home is 25 ft deep…and I have no problem parking my SUV in there and still having plenty of room for golf clubs, trash cans, lawn mower, etc… I will say that a shallow/narrow garage is one of my pet peeves!

  • John

    It looks as though the only way to the third-floor ballroom is via an elevator. Not only is that not safe, but doesn’t seem like a good option for access to a ballroom. Also, there is no buffer between the ballroom and the attic. In this type of setting, can you imagine if a guest of the ball accidentally opened the door to the attic? The formal space is just too close to an unfinished attic.

    Otherwise, you would never need to leave your house if you owned this one. There’s a room and something to do for everyone.

  • KEV

    The basic design is somewhat workable, I do think that the cost and upkeep of building something like this would make it likely to never be built. Most of the super-rich would want more gaudy and extragantly huge formal rooms and a huge (5000 SF plus) master suite instead of a house that is more of a young guys dream (i.e. the sports arena and other things that wouldn’t appeal to most–I said most, not all–rich dudes or their wives. However, I would choose this house over most of those stuck up designs.

    The only thing I can really say about the design that might need to be improved is the overall mechanical and structural elements that come into play with a house of this size. The amount of air conditioning and the required ductwork for that AC would have to be considered when stacking these floors on top of each other. More important than that, the large rooms with their huge ceiling spans require massive support overhead, and putting a second floor over a huge room below would probably require steel beams. Those beams would have to be supported by columns, which would affect door placement, windows, etc…What I am saying is that the guts of a home such as this would be nothing like you have ever seen. Nothing like even a 10,000 SF house, much less an average house has underneath its walls.

    Not trying to be critical, I swear 🙂 Just saying that there is so, so, SO much more to a home than all the rooms you see. Would probably require something along the lines of 250 tons of AC output, maybe more if it were in a hot climate. That alone would either require its own cooling system that sits away from the house, or a geothermal system pumping cool water/warm water to cool and heat the home, or something like 50,75, or 100 different zones of AC with dozens of units and compressors. That power usage alone would be enough to power a decent sized subdivision of homes. The amount of things breaking down, etc…would require one or two full time workers just to handle basic maintennance. Basically, like running a hotel….

    Keep up the interesting work, James


  • architect 121

    though I have never designed a 50,000+ square foot home, my personal residence is 12,000 square feet and I have designed homes as large as 20,000 square feet and I know from experience that there is SO much more to building a large home than just the floor plan! KEV brought up so many good points that there is no need to list them again, but I will say this is excellent work for someone I assume did not get a degree in architecture/ building. It is so much better than a lot of other clients I have had drawing sketches of their dream homes! Though there are some flaws, I do not think all of the things Venom says are real issues, though he has a few good points! All I need to say is keep up the good work and this is extremely good and well thought out!

  • hat

    I agree with Kev. The house has to many rooms and could do with a lot larger rooms. One point I would like to bring up is that right behind the entry stairs and foyer there is a secondary staircase. I do believe that you wouldn’t need a staircase there for there are already 2 right behind it. Another thing is the guest suite is the same size as the master. I think the master should be larger. There is also some very small bathrooms attached to the normal bedrooms which I think they should be a bit bigger. The lounge is also close to the laundry room and mud area which during formal gatherings just wouldn’t be right. There is also thatlong closet across from the laundry room and I think that could be turned into a managment room. Another thing is the same kitchen that is on the first floor is in the basement. I think the basement kitchen should be skipped and added iinto the bar (as someone said earlier. Finally I think you should consider how wide the basketball sourt is compared to the main house. If you put a normal roof on that the itch would be very high and ifyou were building that home in an area that got snow you wouldn’t be able to have a flst roof. I think the whole exercise wing is sort of out of place like the track on the second floor, its ust not right by the bedrooms. I don’t mean to be a critic I think the house is wonderful and with a few tweaks it would be great! Keep up the good work you have a lot of potential.


    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A HOME FIT FOR A KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Preston

    I Love your plans and I think the back can look like the back of Le Belvedere in California.

  • Preston

    Do you still have a copy of the alpine jersey plans. If so I would like to see them as I like to study the layout of houses. I do not have the drawing abilty like you but I can DREAM…

  • Dana

    This cracks me up….he stole the basic design from a Scholz design. Yes, James made changes, added on, but the basic design is NOT his! I wouldn’t have a problem with this design if credit have been given to Scholz design for the basic inspiration. My point? Don’t claim something is “yours” if, in fact, the idea was sparked by someone else’s. Give credit where credit is due, THEN take credit for your changes and additions! Scholz design is awesome, and as you can see, I feel should get credit for the basic layout of the rooms, particularly those on the first floor. (Well, I guess I just gave Scholz the credit, didn’t I? LOL) BTW, you can see the design Scholz created on AVDMansions.blogspot.com. Just look under their floor plans section. They were posted on Thursday, May 16, 2013. In conclusion, I love Homes of The Rich. I don’t fault this website for not crediting Scholz, but I do reprimand reader James for NOT crediting Scholz when his design is so obviously ripped straight from a professional designer’s plans. Somehow it just seems dishonest to me to try to pass this off as “HIS” inspiration.

    Well, Kenny, that’s what I think of these plans, since you asked.

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