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  • j

    i think the price is kinda inexspensive for the size….im suprised it is not for sale for around 40 million…

  • architect 121

    As a resident of the state, I am too surprised about the price, where i live (in Fairhope, across the bay from Mobile) we have $9,000,000 homes for sale with half the square footage, bedrooms,and amenities on a 1 acre lot! The only reason the price for these homes is so high is because they front Mobile bay ( which is brown and murky and in my opinion NOT worth $9,000,000) As for the actual home, it appears to be a little dated, and I am not a fan of the outside.

    • Kenny Forder

      can you give me some of the addresses of the $9 million homes in your area, I would love to see them!! thanks

      • architect 121

        ill do some research on the ones that would be the best for this site. There is a HUGE mansion on Mobile bay that takes up about 80% of the lot! (not sure what its worth, though) The city is obviously not happy about it, but it is a pretty amazing house compared the homes around it.

  • Russell

    Its not 40 million because its in Alabama.

    • Nalin

      yea pretty much haha

    • Venom

      Thank you. lol

  • Roadwork

    Wow now thats a house, some of the interior design needs some reworking, but all of the elements are there. That Grand Hall is just amazing! Dream like

  • george

    I am not saying the house isn’t worth it but in a market where homes are selling for the same money they did in 2003, it might be hard to swallow paying 4 and 1/2 times what they bought it for in 2003.

  • Nalin

    none of these houses ever have pictures of their insane garages. a 13 car garage probably looks awesome. garages are my favorite part of a house

  • Nick

    The outside is not impressive at all.It’s too cold to be considered beautiful.

    The interior is also somehow cold.The home theater is a mess with the purple seats. And the grand great room needs desperately decoration.

    Generally I’m not fan at all…

  • Caitlin

    I LOVE this house. I just want to get married there. HAHA. Would that EVER be a possibility?

  • John “gun” Jones

    I live in Alabama and to even have a house like that is very impressive since it is the largest one in Alabama. But me being out of work for last 2 yrs. And living off unemPloyment and making extra cash on top of what you people pay me to collect my unemployment it sure is nice by the way!! I could probably save my money I draw and keep going on vacations or whatever hey what’s wrong with that Healthsouth sure got by doing it for a long time.

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