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  • tony

    nice!! i love me a party pad. a lil small for all those bedrooms but the removable walls, pool, tropical landscaping and beach views definetely make up for it!

    • potomac resident

      yea I felt the same way. the bedrooms are somewhat small but they all have expansive views, glass walls and balconies which makes them amazing

      • tony

        yeah but my point is that i would rather make more practical use out of the area than bedrooms for a bunch of guests. knock a few walls down, open up the areas, expand the game rooms, make a casino, bowling alley, mini nightclub, stripper poles, wine tasting area, cigar room, etc.

        if you have a party pad then there shouldn’t be more than 3 bedrooms. typically the owners are either bachelors or kidless (always a plus) so i would prefer paying for my guests’ cab rides home then waking up to a bunch of hungover slouches who, not only make a mess of your guest rooms, but may overtime start getting the impression that they’ve found a new home-away-from-home.

  • Venom

    It’s Maui, on the ocean, what else is there to say.
    It could look like Fred Flintstone’s house and it would still be awesome.
    That being said, it is pretty gorgeous.

  • Kenny Forder

    I absolutely love the removable walls. It brings a whole other dimension to the house. It definitely is a perfect example of indoor/outdoor living.

  • Nick

    Perfection!!! Houses in Hawaii are marked by the very livable and unique interiors.
    This particular mansion is not an exception: The interior is impeccable and very friendly.

    Wonderful exotic estate.

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