Yeah, yeah, yeah…”But it’s HOMES of the Rich, not BOATS of the Rich!” Get over it. This is a good exception.

Tony here! A friend sent me this in an email yesterday so I did some digging around on it later. I give you the WHY Yacht. Yes, it’s really called the WHY. I don’t know why but, to avoid getting into a Who’s on First discussion, let’s just skip to some details.

The 1st deck consists of a kitchen, dining room, theater, massage room, piano lounge area…and a TREE. I really like that tree! 2nd level has 5 guest suites and a library. The top deck is the “Owner’s Deck” and consists of the master bedroom, office and captain’s area, a wrap-around pool and spa. Apparently the solar panels on top allow it to save over 200 tons of diesel fuel a year.

Some may think the interior design is a bit bland but bear in mind:

1. One can always add their own art, additional furniture and other touches and

2. Unlike a home, you’re surrounded by ocean! That’s perfect scenery of itself.

For the actual website, and detailed floorplans of all 3 decks, click here. But don’t bother with the video on there. It mainly consists of the designers rambling in French about their passions of water….almost like a Jacques Cousteau video without the cool fish. This video is much better and gets to the point a lot quicker.

  • potomac resident

    as a fan of both boats and homes, this is pretty cool


  • Grrrowler

    It’s called the WHY because it’s the Wally Hermes Yacht. Wally is the builder and Hermes is the legendary fashion company. Hermes has since pulled out of the project but Wally seems interested in marketing it still.