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  • Russell

    Same hear kenny I have been all over the place looking at everything!!!

  • Venom

    Bing rocks.
    It always sucked that you could not see the 2008, 2009 houses that were being built.

  • mahwah

    NO WAY!! I drive past the mansion in Mahwah every day and it absolutely amazes me every single time, I’ve been hoping they would update the birds eye for such a long time, love the house it’s gorgeous in real life.

  • James

    I can spend hours looking at Bing Maps…it’s like an adiction. Thanks for posting these Kenny!

  • george

    Kenny 2 questions first, any idea when these pictures were shot, it sure wasn’t yesterday, also when I cross reference some of these houses with they place a comparitive value on them. Any idea how accurare the values are?

    • Kenny Forder

      sorry, I don’t when it was updated. I thin the values are fairly accurate, but it’s totally different when the homes actually go on sale. Most people sell their homes well above what the market value is. A home’s market value is always fairly conservative.

    • mahwah

      These pictures were probably taken in early to late summer or around that time. The second house has been completed for some time now with all landscaping finished.

      • mahwah

        ^Nevermind I just noticed the trees, and most of them are leafless so my guess would be september-november

  • mahwah
    • Kenny Forder

      Awesome! Thanks!

  • Kieran

    Have they only updated NJ??

  • architect 121

    Sadly, my area is not updated, and their are many large homes I was looking forward to seeing. I live in a wealthy suburb of Mobile, Alabama called Fairhope. It is not as pretentious as most wealthy towns but we have many old southern mansions as well as newer mansions both on Mobile Bay and near the Polo Fields.

  • Mahwah

    Inside information for all, Picture#2 was copy cat by an Architect who was hired to do job for Tudor Rose Terrace home and last minute backed out from contract, kept home owners ideas, portfolio and copy cat similar home in Mahwah as shown on picture#2. Picture#1 is one of the most beautiful mention in Tristate area, construction was started in 2007 and 95% is completed. I cant wait for Google to up date new picture.

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