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  • george

    Does anyone know what the asking price was or how long it was on the market.

    • Marcus

      Price was 27.5M and I think it was listed July 09.

      • george

        Thanks Marcus, those numbers are a testimoney to the house. I would have expected an opening price of 45 large and a date of July 9, 1999.

  • Jean

    The house is breathtakingly awesome! I love it 🙂

  • Tony

    Craftsmanship is indeed some of the best i have ever seen. As always, I would have loved to see more shots of the grounds but there is no denying that it is absolutely gorgeous inside.

  • Venom

    Hmm, just in time for the bank bonuses.
    To be honest for $21.5 million I am unimpressed.
    I personally don’t think this house is worth more than six to seven million dollars.

  • Kieran

    Nice house! Would be very interesting to see photos and info of the other 13 most expensive homes sold in OC ahead of this one 🙂

  • Stewie

    Beautiful, yes no doubt. I love the Georgian architecture. However, it’s not even oceanfront and doesn’t seem to have the best kind of ocean views either. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth more than 15m. There’s better homes in Pelican Hills next door, apparently one estate there is going to come on the market for 80 million soon. Maybe you could look into that Kenny?

  • potomac resident

    i don;t know much about what the price should be…. but every picture looks like it belongs on the cover of a luxury home and design magazine

  • architect 121

    I LOVE THIS HOUSE!!!! Usually im not a fan of certain architectural styles outside of the regions that fit the style, e.g. a Mediterranean in Minnesota or a georgian in california, but this home is beautiful!!!!

  • mtmslg

    Beautiful home (Old Westbury is the influence and I LOVE that mansion). But c’mon! What’s with the garages having such a prominent, detrimental location as part of the front facade! I expect that in a tract home, but for this kinda money I’m sure Jeeves can drive the car around . . . And careful of the errant golfballs! Not much of an estate . . .

    • architect 121

      THATS WHY I LOVE THIS HOME SO MUCH!!!!!!!!(the old westbury part, not the garages) I knew it looked somehow familiar and I have always loved Old Westbury. It is beautiful and I have visited it several times.

  • Kyle

    I agree with Venom, I don’t think this home is worth more than $6 or $7 million.

  • Nick

    The exterior is a miracle!!!The interior has some mistakes, like the cheap kitchen.The rest of the interior is nice and well designed, but this estate definitely
    is overpriced.

  • Nick

    Kenny, what’s the address of this mansion?

    • Kenny Forder

      Sorry, but I don’t know.

      • Georgina

        21 Hermitage Lane, on a gated community near Fashion Island

      • AR

        It’s called Big Canyon CC..and it’s by far the largest estate within the gates of the community. The county club it’s on it has a $300k membership fee, with about $30k annual fees (at least when I was in high school)..and when we played Sage Hill ($20k/yr high school w marble in parking lot) I guess their son was friends w some of their players..supposedly he was crazy at golf and we saw him getting out of his Tahoe in the pkg lot as we left. I guess he got a scholarship to USC or something..but anyway the house is nuts..it was long before it went on the market, but I remember seeing it toward the end of the round (maybe 7-8th hole?) and thought the pool/guest house and main house were two different houses. Then as I approached the green, I saw the other side of house (between pool house and main (pool area), and saw how truly massive it was. WIth the prestige of neighborhood, as well as the size relative to the others, I would say the price is FAIR (though in my opinion, HIGHLY overvalued)..just in an objective sense it was fair.

  • david dempsey jr

    i love everything about this house the exterior the interior and the attention to detail. the grounds are also masterfully planned…i want more pictures
    i also like how the architectural style contrast the setting

  • Camron Paul

    This is a gorgeous estate. The asking price was a bit high, but let’s be real, Newport is the equivalent of Bel Air on the beach (certain areas anyway). I’m lucky enough to know the architect personally, and am in awe of not only this property, but several others in the area that she designed. It’s a work of art, truly inspirational!

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