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  • potomac resident

    this house is awesome. that basketball court is HUGE. the house even seems like a good value for about 6 million; $500/sqft

  • Venom

    Beautiful and excellent home.
    Not a bad value for the home and the pool, theater and basketball court are very nice.

    • Nick

      Yeah, the home theater room and the basketball court are the highlights of this mansion.

  • hat

    hey go to http://www.utahluxury.com/index.php/luxury-mansion-in-st-george
    for another teen cribs mansion and lots of pics

  • hat

    Hey I found the street the home is on it is in St. George Utah and is on malaga avenue check it out on birdseye

  • Stewie

    Why an indoor basketball court in Las Vegas? I mean WHY? I’d understand it somewhere cold like Aspen or something, but Las Vegas? What the hell where they thinking!

    • Chance

      Because it’s 105 during the summer in the shade and some people like to avoid heat strokes! 😛

  • Chance

    The one thing I like about the architecture in Vegas is you rarely see a tacky home, yes a lot of the mansions do kind of look the same but meh, you get over it.

  • Seasons Weddings LV

    Who do I get in contact with if I want to rent this property for a wedding or event?

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