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  • Russell

    Amazing! This is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Orange County.

  • Venom

    14,000 square feet on 0.54 acres, that is just ridiculous.
    My house is 6,000 square feet on 0.75 acres not including my pond and I still think that it should have been on more land.

    Nice house choked up onto a little lot.
    Unacceptable for $20 million.

    • Stewie

      Kind of agree with you. More land would be appropriate. But remember this is Newport Beach, and the Pelican Hills gated community at that. Land is very, very expensive. Hence they try to build as big of a house on as small a lot as possible

      • Marcus

        The empty land is so expensive it is priced by the foot. A smaller nearby lot (#46) was only 19,645 sq. ft. and it sold for 4.1 M and a double lot (#12A/13A) of 56,031 sq. ft. sold for 12.5 M.

  • Stewie

    I like the house a lot. Very nice architecture. But I agree with Venom, it should sit on a bigger plot of land

  • Kyle

    Nice architecture, but that kind of architecture would look more appropriate for a public building I think, like a library perhaps?

  • Nick

    Stunning mansion with a top notch exterior.However, the fact that it’s situated only in 0.54 acres is definitely a problem, despite the prestigious neighborhood…

  • Bella

    I love this home! It is stunning inside. Fell in love with it, when I toured it.

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