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  • Chance

    Hey Kenny, I was just watching Teen Cribs and they showed a house in Las Vegas that is a neighbor to Floyd Mayweather. Do you have or can you find any more about this house, it is exceptional, I love vegas houses.

    • admin

      Yeah, I’m trying to find info on the home. I know that Floyd moved into a new 22,000 square foot Las Vegas mansion a couple of months ago. I only found information on his old Las Vegas home. I can’t seem to find any info on the whereabouts of his new home. If I do, I’ll let you know.

      • Al Robinson

        The address is 2 Wood Creek Ct, Las Vegas, NV.

  • Tim

    I just bookmarked this page.. great work so far. I cant stop thinking about this one house in Georgia that was shown to MTV by one of the daughters (Morgan I think) that had a jail, car of the month room, 18 hole gold course, indoor basketball court, baseball field with dugouts, paved go cart race track, petting zoo and of course, an insane mansion.. the builder/owner only went by the name Frank and came off as down to earth and opens his property up to the community.. can you tell me more about this house/ property?

    • admin

      Thanks! hmmm…I didn’t see that episode. If I find out any more info about it I’ll let you know.

  • Nat

    Oh Tim I feel you. Morgan’s house is gorgeous. I have been looking all over the web for clips from that episode. I don’t know why MTV would not have published it already. I need to see it again. That is the house of my dreams. They didn’t even show the parents “wing”… Someone please let me know as soon as you find this episode online. Thanks

  • Kate

    I just recently saw an episode, and I think it’s newer than episode 2. It is not on the website, but the girl was named Samantha I think. She had a huge room, an ice cream bar, elevator, claw foot tub, GIGANTIC closet, indoor pool that could be adjusted to be like the ocean. The other teen on the episode had an olympic sized trampoline in the backyard.

    Where do these teens live and what the hell do their parents do?!

  • Incredible. I always wonder how long it would lake for builders to build mega mansions like these. Very interesting.

  • Chance

    I have yet to see the home that everyone else is talking about (Morgans) but I have seen two Las Vegas houses on Teen Cribs that I love, both from season two, and the house in Omaha (bad location but great house). Season 2 has definately been better than season 1 and MTV needs to hurry up and upload these videos!!

  • KD

    For the kids house in Las Vegas, try 5 Wood Creek CT, Las Vegas NV. Supposedly this is where Floyd Mayweather built a new house.

    • Chance

      Yep you’re right, 5 Wood Creek CT is definately the house from Teen Cribs, you can tell by the pool, which has a lazy river. Mayweathers house should be across the street now but on Bing it just shows it as a vacant lot.

  • J

    Where can I watch the episode that Floyd Mayweather appears on? What kid was it and was it season 1 or season 2 because MTV only has like 2 episodes available for season 2. THanks

    • admin

      yeah, they should be putting up all of season 2 soon. It was on season 2.

      • tippy

        Check new comments…

        • Raven Amoguis

          The Kid That His Neighbor Is Mayweather Is Austin :)) But i Dont Know What Is His Last name 😐

  • tippy

    Ok guys the kids name is Austin and you can find it on youtube search for “MTV Vegas Homes” under “eleganthomesvegas”….Another thing you might not know is another neighbor is “Gavin Maloof” owner of the “Palms Hotel & The Kings”….his house is were “Lil Wayne” flimed “Lollipop” All in “Southern Highlands”

    • Raven Amoguis

      What Is Austin’s Last name?

  • Ashbash

    Does anybody know what town in Georgia the teen Cribs episode that Morgan was in? It has 2 pools indoor and out, petting zoo, racetrack, etc…


    Don’t be too jealous of all these people especially the ones on MTV Teen Cribs…Most of these mansions are new construction or just a few years old and they are up for sale…These people are not really that rich or smart either. They built these massive homes but really they were built with champagne taste and beer pockets…Find most of the homes on…..just look if you think I am kidding. If they had all of this money then why are they selling now in a down market/recession…………THEY ARE BROKE AND YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK……..

    • Kenny Forder

      Amen to that. I noticed that as well. I wrote about how a bunch of the homes shown on the show magically appeared on days after. I think most do the show just to get publicity for the house. A couple people who were featured on the show are truly rich, like Scott A. Jones.

      • Nick

        “I think most do the show just to get publicity for the house”

        Kenny I agree 100%. But, it’s a good plan in order to sell your mansion, don’t you agree?

  • Jessie

    For everyone wondering about Morgan’s house in Georgia.

    I too have been wondering why MTV has not posted their episode yet. I cannot speak for MTV as to why they have not aired it but I do know that their house has gone on the market. They have recently put their house up for sale and that is all i know.

    Here is a picture I found.

    They live in my town and yes, their house really is that big and yes it is really THEIR house… or was until they sold it. It’s really nice and they have a ton of land. The family is very nice and I am friends with all of the children…been to the house plenty of times. Used to be really close to Tiffany, the older sister who showed her room. Been to the barn, rode in the elevator, had parties in pools and slid down the spiral banister more than once.

    • Kenny Forder

      Thanks so much for the info!!!! What city is the house located in?

    • ASJ

      Apparently you do not know them that well !!! All I have to say is what comes around goes around.

  • ashley

    I saw the commercial for the new season is there anyway you can post the commercial on here some how?

  • Julian

    I swear I saw an episode with a family that had a place in Georgetown (DC) but it looked like it was in the country. I can’t find the episode or the info. It was 3 boys and 1 girl I believe. Do you know what season or the family name or house addy?

  • Brenda

    What was the one that aired the other day in Jersey? What a beautiful home.

  • Andrea

    The house is Nebraska is my favorite! I think I may be partial because I used to live their, now in Vegas, and my dad and I used to just go on drives and one day found this masterpiece. It was still under construction, but I could already tell I was in love! I made him take me back when it was completed and it was even more imaginably beautiful! A house that is that perfect you never forget, so I was shocked to see it on teen cribs. That house is probably about 10-15 years old and still as a 24 year old my dream house! Now to only find the #3,900,000 to out down for that baby… Haha good luck!

  • alex
  • alex
  • Max

    Call me crazy but I absolutely love trying to find these homes on map sites. Sometimes I cheat and google around for addresses which is how I found this post/site. I find about 25% of them. If you are good with the remote and have a DVR you can pause and go in slow-mo and look for clues. There is one that has me stumped. It’s a las vegas property. It’s from episode 33. I don’t know what season that is. It’s not the one with the lazy river. It was shown by two boys. They said it was built into a mtn. They had a dune buggy and a black ford superduty with a couple of older muscle cars. It had the waterfall curtain thing that you could turn on and off. Long circular brick driveway. Anybody know where that one is?

    Also find it so funny how the vast majority of these homes are owned by homebuilders. I think this show sends the wrong message to kids but man do I love trying to find these on maps!

  • Joey

    What is the last name of the kid with the Las Vegas home named Austin? I think I’ve actually seen this kid in real life before and I just wanted to know. Also, great job with this website!

    • Kenny Forder

      Sorry Joey, I don’t know.

      Thanks! =)

  • Nick

    I love the VA mega mansion, the UT entertainer’s paradise house and the NY estate.

  • mike

    I don’t believe the Vegas kid, Austin, who said his dad is a “retired physical therapist” come on. He was like 40. Anyone know what he really does? Oil tycoon? Inheritance?

  • martin

    What is the least name of Austin in the Las Vegas home?

  • Jody

    do you know where i can find an episode of the cotton candy house from hartland, michigan????

  • tye

    hey i just finished watching teen cribs and the first house was shown around by 2 brothers one 21 and the other 18 or 19 and they could see the forth of july fireworks over 3 cities from the kids balcony san fran, oakland and im not sure of the third but does anyone have the google maps or that place? looked stunning!

  • mtvcribslover

    what episode is the VA home one? whos the teen that hosts it?

  • Jordan

    What is Austins surname??

  • Lewis

    Does anyone know where kayden lives thanks

  • Erica

    I used to hang out at house #1 when I was younger. I went to school with their daughter Amira and we were good friends. I used to sleepover alot and I remember the first time I saw her house…I was dumbfounded lol even though I grew up in a family that had money, her house was a whole new level for me!

  • Breanna

    There was a house in Jersey with the movie theather and the range rover/bentley and a cabin….has anyone been able to find that house?

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