Hi, Alan once again. If I never blog again, I want to at least go out with my ultimate dream home blog for my beloved home state of Minnesota. I’m going to show you pictures I captured of some of my all-time favorite homes in Minnesota. Many of them are off of Lake Minnetonka.

Home #1: “Jimmy Jam” Harris’ (24,000 sq ft) former home The address is 5800 Hardscrabble Circle, Mound, MN
(Picture #1)

Home #2: 5750 Hardscrabble Circle, Mound, MN
The home is 14,000 sq ft. (Picture #2)

Home #3: 4790 Baycliffe Road, Excelsior, MN
The square footage is 6,901. (Pictures #3, 4)

Home #4: 1150 Highway 7, Excelsior, MN
The square footage is 9,054. (Pictures #5, 6,)

Home #5: “Living Waters” Estate
The address is 1535 Bohns Point Road, Wayzata, MN
The square footage is 32,500 (it is the largest home built in Minnesota, that I know of) It’s neighbor is being built now, and will be 19,365 sq ft. That address is 1595 Bohns Point Road, Wayzata, MN (Pictures #7, and eight)

Home #6: 430 Ferndale Road West, Wayzata, MN
The square footage is 18,288 (Picture #9)

Home #7: 556 Harrington Road, Wayzata, MN
The square footage is 18,260 (Picture #10)

Home #8: 300 Ferndale Road West, Wayzata, MN
The home was owned by TCF Bank CEO William Cooper. It is currently on the market. The square footage is 22,930 (Picture #11)

Home #9: 450 Ferndale Road South, Wayzata, MN
The home is owned by Gary Holmes. The square footage (according to Zillow) is 23,846. (Pictures #12, 13, 14)

The home next door is known as the “Lake Minnetonka White House”. The address is 426 Ferndale Road South, Wayzata, MN. The square footage is 10,209. (Picture #14)

Home #10: 501 Bushaway Road, Wayzata, MN
The square footage is 16,000. (Pictures #15, 16)

Home #11: 550 Long Lake Road East, Wayzata, MN
The square footage is 19,625. (Picture #17)

Home #12: 1492 Hunter Drive, Medina, MN
This is the home I just previously posted yesterday. The home was owned by Denny Hecker. The square footage is 17,251. (Picture #18)

Home #13: 3962 Tomahawk Trail, Hamel, MN
The home is 27,265 square feet. It is the home of businessman Richard T. Burke. (Pictures #19, 20)

  • hat

    omg finally a mn man I live in mn to down near burnsville i know some info about the home owned by gary holmes its built by John Kraemer check him out at jkandsons.com the house is actually 35,000 square feet


  • Nice, another guy from Minnesota. I knew you guys were out there.
    If Holmes’ mansion is actually 35,000 sq ft, that would make it the current home in MN, and not the 32,500 sq ft “Living Waters.” Amazing. It certainly looks huge, that’s for sure.


  • Sarah

    Though it hasn’t been used as a home in a very very long time, the James J Hill House in St Paul is 36,000 sq ft.


  • St. Paul Chiropractor

    Beautiful homes! But are they really happy?
    Perhaps. Let see some more.


  • Steve

    The Redmond house, Redmond haircare, is over 40,000 sq feet.

    I remember the tour conductor at the Hill house telling us the Redmond house had unseated the Hill house as the largest house in MN