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  • Stewie

    Yeh this definetly looks like a party pad! Were the chicks hot there Tony? I bet they were!!!

    • admin

      Well there was just about 10 of us when i went there because he let my buddy (mentioned earlier) house-sit for the day. So the only girls that were there were the ones i invited over. but he also has my friend go to strip clubs to “recruit” girls. that’s the deal. Eric can house-sit anytime he wants, have all the fun and invite anyone over…as long as he makes sure there are 3 girls for every guy. usually they’re decent looking but not total knockouts.
      but the big parties are a different story. it’s southern cali, a huge house, girls get in free to drink unlimited booze…..yeah it’s pretty much Orange County’s very own playboy mansion parties.

  • Yep… certainly the perfect swingers mansion. 20,000 sq feet of roman style fun.

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