Hello once again from Michael.

This time we will go to Orlando, Florida to check out this house at 5410 Osprey Isle Lane.

The estate agent writes: Isle of Osprey Estate. Located on beautiful Lake Chase of the Butler Chain of Lakes. This home has it all 4 boat docks , 3 jet ski docks, Theate,Gym, outdoor theater, outdoor dinning with fireplace,detached guest house,childrens playroom with stage.

And back to me now: It offers approximately 14,477 sq ft. It is a very modern house, as you can see from the photos. You have a nice two-story room, a bar, the playroom and lots more. The disco lounge might be just the thing for you who like to dance, but with two left feet (or how you say it?) like me you’re better of sitting with a drink and watching the others dance.

The foyer is made of percious stones from all over the world, it looks very interesting, so I would like to see a better photo of the floor.

2.8 acres of land, and here you have a swimming pool with a good view, a tennis court and good space for your kids to play on.

Even thought I am not the biggest fan of very modern houses, I would like to go here for a visit. Would not regret it.

Asking price = $12,000,000


  • Tony

    strong pros, strong cons.

    love the overall architecture of the residence and the entry is beautiful. staircase and master bath is pretty cool too. now the cons.
    for starters, that kitchen is the most hideous kitchen i’ve ever seen. hands down, nobody should cook in blue. and what is up with the finger chairs in the kids room?? what better a way to traumatize your children then to make them sit in those creepy things! i’m again reminded of a scene in Beetlejuice.
    the pool area seems pretty weak too. it’s almost as if the designer did a lot of drugs when designing the interior….and then started coming down by the time he got to the backyard.
    still, fairly prized in my opinion.


  • Mike F

    Perhaps the current owner/owners like it. I would change some things if I should move in as new owner. Usually when we move into a new place we find many things we do not like. Sometimes I am thinking “I hope the furniture is not included”.

    Not too sure what to say about the chairs you mention. Perhaps they will look better in another room.


  • Venom

    I remember this house.
    It was in Unique Homes for sale years ago.
    I believe it was built and owned by a baseball player.
    I don’t know if he is still the owner.
    I could never forget that crazy floor in the foyer and those red baseball glove chairs.
    I like the house though, it is pretty crazy and pretty cool.