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  • jeanette

    Looks kinda dull to me.

  • tony

    i can’t access the listing right now cause my work blocks real estate websites (lame) but that front pic looks a lot like Tony Soprano’s house.

    • Mike F

      They block real estate?? Terrible! Porn and stuff like that I can understand if they block, but the wonderful world of real estate… That’s a reason to find new work 😀

      • Tony

        yeah makes zero sense. unless they know that i spend so much time scopin out pads when i should be working but, ironically, they forgot to block this site and i spend most of that time on here!

        • Mike F

          What are you working with?

  • Venom

    Thanks for representing Michigan on here for once. lol
    The house is quite imposing and large in real life and is quite beautiful.
    Beautiful work inside, I was just in it 2 weeks ago.
    The lot and the location I don’t really care for though.
    I know the agent Jehan who built it personally.

    There is a monster 20,000 plus square foot house not far from it that is for sale for dirt cheap.

    CSB= Commission to Selling Broker

    • Mike F

      Thank you for your help with that.

      I have seen lots of interesting houses in Michigan, will probably write about one ore two soon.

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