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  • Mike F

    I will look forward to see more photos of this property.

  • Daniel

    Ugh. Could the agent have been any more gauche? Just tell the people what’s special, not how much it cost to install it!

  • Chance

    Is this the mansion that you wrote about last year that was in Chandler? Did it get moved or is this a different one?

    • admin

      this is a different one

  • architect121

    kenny, i dont know if you got a chance to watch the new episode of teen cribs, but it had the most amazing house i have ever seen!!! i am not sure what the names of the teens were that gave the tour, but it was in the hamptons and was DEFINITELY 12,000 sqft+

    • Chance

      That was Joe Farrel’s house, it’s 31,000 square feet and is for sale for $59.5 million.

  • Patrick

    Hey everybody!

    This isn’t the best post to bring this up but I know of nothing better.

    The 2012 movie had a scene with the Saperstein Mansion. It was only the front elevation but it had some people standing outside which gave a really good idea of the SCALE of the house.

    I think the house is a masterpiece–at least the exterior. I WOULD DO ANYTHING for a floorplan of the house!!!!

    Does anyone have an idea of where I can find it!


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