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  • russell

    I saw this listing yesterday. Its looks really cool but i think there crazy to ask 90 million!

  • Stewie

    Now that’s what I call a mega-mansion! I hope it gets built, whether it gets sold anywhere near that price is a different question altogether though, especially as the Saperstein mansion and The Manor have lingered on the market for years now

  • I really hope the developer know what there’re doing in this market.

  • 28,000 sq ft a little small for almost 90 million, no? I know size isn’t everything but come on if you’re asking 90 million I’d expect it to be at least 35,000-40,000+ sq ft

    • Stewie

      The size of the actual home is not as important as the land that it stands on (ie how large it is, if its private, flat etc). Though I do agree, 90 million is far too high for this house. The only house in Los Angeles that could see selling for this amount at the moment is Gary Winnick’s, in fact that actually SOLD for 97 million a few years back. It sits on more 12 acres and has views on downtown and all the way to Malibu apparently. Kenny, could you get some more information on this house? It’s called the Weber mansion I think

  • Stewie

    My bad it sold for 94 million and sits on 7.5 acres.

  • Mike F

    I have seen it been called Kirkland on the estate agents website. The agent has a downloadable file, about 9.6 MB large. Tried to download it several times, and every time I open it there’s nothing in it. Annoying. Was hoping to see the floor plans!

    Website: http://www.surfandcountry.com/default.asp?f=listing_details&listingid=179318&listingtype=1

  • Kieran

    I love the use of genuine artifacts, although it could end up being one big hot mess

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