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  • Patrick

    I admit I think this is the most gorgeous house I’ve ever seen… but I can see where the term “soviet BLOCK” come from.

  • Venom


    That is pretty sad if you think this is the most gorgeous house you have ever seen.
    It is a box with little detail.

  • Mike F

    I guess someone with good taste for real estate showed Admin this 😀

    Actually, it is a nice modern house. I think this would ber suitable for an ambassador, or it can be for a company HQ.

    Ukraine is a cool country, and there is some really interesting real estate there, believe it or not.

    • admin

      haha thanks for showing me it!

  • Daniel

    “My God, is it freezing in here or is it me?”

  • Daniel

    “I wonder if you can see Chernobyl from the roof…”

  • hat

    sorry but it looks like a hospital or some industrial building, and it is semi near chernobyl making the radiation in the air quite high

  • Chance

    I love modern mansions, and this one could be great, but I always feel for some reason that modern mansions need to be bigger than there classic mansions counterpart to get the same size feeling.


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