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  • dubilloh7

    That house is an energy efficient disaster none the less it has some pretty amazing features

  • Venom

    Holy crap, this has to be the sickest house I have ever seen.
    Very very nice.

  • george

    it looks more like a las vegas hotel than a home, the only thing missing is slot machines and hookers.

  • tony

    i’m normally a fan of contemporary pads but this one just seems to be trying too hard. as Bugs would say, it’s a nice place to visit but i wouldn’t wanna live here. i just don’t dig all of the jagged shapes everywhere. i can’t picture one coming home to this place and feeling relaxed. living here would just make me wanna put a lot of drugs in my nose.

  • Kyle

    I don’t think “energy efficiency” is your primary concern if you are building a home that is 32,000 square feet 😀

    • dubilloh7

      Yeah, Its a shame, Its so irresponsible. Surely if you made that much money you cant be completely ignorant. Oh well good for them 🙂

  • Kyle

    I was just doing some Googling, turns out most of the members of the town really despise that mansion. They say it is an eye-sore on the mountains and ruins the once unlit mountains at night by lighting them up a lot.

    • abc

      And I bet you if any of those people who criticized the home were given the opportunity, they would move right in.

      • dubilloh7

        I bet given the opportunity they would tear it down also 🙂

  • Chance

    I’ve got this Robb Report issue, here are some stats on the house.

    12 acre property; 25 months to build; 1 mile of titanium used to line the fasciae; 55,000 pounds of copper on the roof; 750 tons of steel; 10 miles of insulation; 16 sliding glass walls; 90,000 pounds of glass; 194,000 gallons of water in the pools; 4,000 gallons in the aquarium; 19 Crestron touchscreens; 1,000 light fixtures; 76 light projectors; 119 doors; 21 fireplaces; 43 televisions; 6 kitchens; 8 staff members to maintain the homes; 0 light switches, thermostats, door locks or exterior doorknobs.

    Put it all together and you get an AMAZING house.

  • tony

    of course we’d move in if given the opportunity. the issue isn’t comparing the home to our current living situation.

    • abc

      yeah? so how can you criticize if you would do the exact same given the opportunity.

  • Marcus

    I don’t care much for the house but the aquarium is awsome!

  • Chance

    BTW, this house is in Palm Desert, CA not Rancho Sante Fe.

  • T RIG

    Imagine how much all the marble must have cost!!!!!

    You can’t get much better than Big Horn Golf Club for Desert Golf, period.

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  • James Lewis

    That home is freaking sick. I can’t wait to get rich and build my own estate. Maybe not as big, but big enough. Hey if you worked hard, play hard. I can’t hate this monster of a house.

  • john lucci MD

    that house is remarkable,spectacular,beautiful,a magnificent creation,it is reminiscent of frank lloyd wrights Fallingwater,and i think someday will rival it as Americas most famous house.

  • Chance

    Still one of the greatest homes that has ever been posted on this website, I frequently gander at my Robb Report with this house in it, it sits next to my desk.

  • Barb

    I have no problem with people having “lots” …. but I truly hope that these people “give lots” to help others ….. No 2 people should have such extrvegance, living is not about what you have but what you do with what you have …… I’m aware that the Hagadone home town or Coeur d’alene, Idaho has an animal/pet shelter that was financially struggling …… Dogs and Cats are in need of “living with dignity and love” Mr/Mrs Hagadone help Animal Shelters (and maybe you do help alot) …. but do more for the “hopeless” lives of children (in the USA), and Pets ….. Thank You and God Bless and enjoy your lives …. but don’t forget, when you’re gone, everything goes back into the toybox ….You’ve been blessed and hopefully you will and are blessing others less fortunate, you ae blessed cause you have the means to do just that …

  • Dave Monroe

    Wow. This one really stirred up a lot of comments. Supporters and detractors must admit it’s so over the top that it definitely falls into the “hate it or love it” category. It looks like the kind of house you might find in a new housing tract in… Dubai. Of course, if I had the money it would be fun to make a bold architectural statement like this, one that would last a while and cause some stimulating critique, although I’d try to restrain myself from the airport terminal approach. That’s not necessarily a put down, it’s just that I live near this house, and the current “in” modern housing style in the desert seems to involve pointing the roof at the sky… with varying degrees of success in relating the rest of the house to this dramatic “peeling back” of the sardine can. To the folded plate and the butterfly the Palm Springs area gets to contribute to the world of modern architecture… the tilted wing? Short-lived, I think, until breakthroughs are made in glass insulation, future energy issues are going to dictate we won’t be able to keep making 25 or 30-foot tall walls of glass for a while.

    Of course the rich will always be able to build houses like this, and we can’t fault them for it. We are still a capitalist system, after all. Be thankful that our economy hasn’t gotten so bad that nobody can afford to build one of these. One could even say that if you were involved at high levels of government and commerce and the benefactor of multiple charitable endeavors, and “events” were a regular part of your existence, a house like this might be more of a necessity than a luxury. It would be nice if some of us common folk could have access for a few of our own events, but not too often. It might lead to the belief that we were all entitled to a house like this and that could lead to a revolution or something.

    I’ll bet this house works much better in person. Once you get over the idea it resembles a giant piece of costume jewelry that dropped off the hand of the 50-foot woman whilst she was skipping down the mountain. In fact, I bet it’s pretty amazing. All those angles, all those planes– every trip to the john would be a new experience. If it were mine I know I’d like it. I’d love it. I’d have to. And I would definitely move my bed into the aquarium room for the summer.

  • Abduhl Syaad

    Too bad he missed building an acre by just 11,560 sq ft. With all the water in the house I’d assume the toilets all flush. So long as he sticks with llamas, I guess it will be OK.

  • Erik

    Upon first looking at the photos my immediate reaction was…oh look the lobby of a Marriott or Hilton – not nearly as interesting as a Disney property – just plain boring. I think it’s a perfect example of design that takes a lot of money and ends up looking cheap and fake. It’s a cavern with a little spattering of art here perhaps another little spattering over there. Nothing about the house looks relaxing or comfortable. I disagree with the F.L.W. comments and similarities to Falling Water. There F.L.W. took elements and made them feel substantial and weighty – here the elements feel fake like a vegas hotel lobby.

  • Thomas Boy

    So…..wee waa…..what a bunch of whiners here. The man is now in his 70’s and has created & constructed something as almost a piece of art, not necessarily a “comfy home” but it’s what Duane wanted. So cool. He (and other’s with the means) are helping stimulate the sagging US economy by building these homes – get it??!! Being showcased in a huge magazine must send out a good message.
    Oh yeah, BTW….Duane has also built a summer home on Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (his home town) to the tune of some $27 milion. His “old” home on his golf course in CdA is available for sale I believe. It is a bit dated but still pretty damn cool. This guy is at the fore-front of architechtural design, even when he built his 1st “mansion” – check it out – google it.
    And one more note: check out lake Coeur d’Alene sometime – the western version of Lake George, etc. Such a nice area. Sheesh, I sound like a travel agent or a realtor…..NOT…!


  • Esquire

    After two years, I am still in awe of this home and the creativity it displays so well. I’m glad they built it for all of us to admire. I couldn’t care less about its environmental impact. It is sooooooo well done!

  • Kellie

    Please realize that the Hagadone’s gave tons of families payroll money to build this house for them. These families were able to pay their bills because of this house giving them a job! We need more mansions to provide more jobs! Get it?!

  • Justice-Rainger

    Dear HOTR, please post photos here. Cause the site doesn’t have them at all.

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