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  • russell

    I want the Spelling Manor floorplans!!

    • admin

      me too! lol. If I find them, I will definitely post them.

  • russell

    When are you doing to post the floor plan I gave you?

  • nicklavigne

    Whoever posted these floorplans is a genius! But Russell’s right, we need to see the Spelling manor floorplans, cause I’m pretty curious to know if they are more special features in the house than what Candy has shown on TV.

  • dubilloh7

    That house would suit me jst fine!

  • Venom

    Nice score on the floorplans Kenny.
    They sell this thing yet?
    If I win the Mega Millions…well I still could not afford this. lol
    Oh well.

    • admin

      thanks. nope, not yet. yeah, you still wouldn’t have enough lol

  • AK

    After looking at the plans, the only thing I could really think about was how cool it would be to be able to say to your friends, “Do you want to swim in the east indoor pool, the west indoor pool, the pool outside, or the pool on the third floor?”

    • admin

      haha yeah that would be pretty cool

  • Marcus

    My hat is off to you for this one.

    I have looked for two years for these floorplans. Thank you very much. Now I can match the room pictures to the correct part of the house.

  • Marcus

    Check out this link for a really nice color brochure of Updown Court. It is 8M in size and has pictures, floor plans of the main house and also the gate house, staff and guest house. There is even a survey map that shows how the estate is laid out.


  • Chance

    I thought Sheik Mohammad, the ruler of Dubai, bought this place a year ago?

  • Joe

    Excellent! With these floor plans I will now be able to find the third floor pool! I have been looking for it in here since I moved in three weeks ago!

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  • lindianna

    Its on sale ………half price wow………….

  • Hawaii Blue

    I want the floorplans to, The Portabello Estate. I really like it.

  • Randy Sandy

    This was a large scale fun project. I did all of The architectural flat-work drafting on The entire project. John B. Scholz is a joy to work with. He provided accurate working sketches for input, in Imperial. The project was dimensioned in metric. 4,612 dimensions for The entire project.

    I got copy of The original floorplans on 8.5 x 11 US dimensions.

    plotted out, This filled up a 78″ x 36″ sheet at 1:50 with the Porte Cochere turned off along with some extraneous symbols (otherwise it wouldn’t fit).

    John B is great to work with. I now have somewhere around 40,000 hours of architectural drafting, but no work lately so I am going back To school To finish my degree.

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