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  • Venom

    Beautiful home.
    Great value for the money.
    The virtual tour is excellent.

  • tony

    the landscaping is great and the exterior design is pretty nice too. the indoor pool looks pretty nice but, why would anyone want an indoor pool in florida?? the interior fixtures and furniture are hideous though- especially all of the tacky draped cloth everywhere. and can somebody please tell me what’s up with the dead pheasant being strung up by its feet as part of the kitchen tile backsplash art??? if we’re gonna go THAT far then at least make the art cool and paint a boar’s head on a stake like Lord of the Flies…

  • Venom


    You want an indoor pool or a screened in pool because you don’t want to be eaten by alligators, use the pool in torrential rains.

  • architect121

    WOW! my dream house, though few rooms could use an update.

  • huh

    Great website and great house, but am I the only person who has the advertisement banner blocking half the pictures on the left hand side of their screen????

    was never a problem in the old format.

    • admin

      Thanks! Really? everything is fine on my computer. what browser are you using?

  • Daniel

    The home reminds me of a lawyer’s office with so much wood.

    And they have an indoor pool because central Florida is mosquito heaven, and they probably couldn’t orientate it based upon the floorplan of the home.

    And I too have the problem of the ads covering half the pictures, however, my screen resolution is 800 X 600 and I suspect this is the problem.

  • home

    I’m running Safari and its blocking a portion on the left side of the screen. I can’t read the whole description on your front page because of it either. Anyway to fix that or is just a safari thing?

  • ghsyou2003

    great house but were can you see the floorplans?

  • michelle

    This is a valuable piece of property and a beautiful home, though in need of much updating. However, this home is not right next door to Shaq’s…. Isleworth is divided into two sections and there is actaully a main road and two other properties in between his home and Mr. Ruggieri. Just thought that should be clarified.

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