Adnan Khashoggi Lists his Cannes Estate for Mind Numbing Price | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Venom

    This man is one of the biggest pieces of sh!t in human history.
    This house is ridiculously overpriced.
    He did however have 2 gorgeous homes for sale in Lake Tahoe years ago for about $50 million each.
    I don’t know if they ever sold.
    It really is a shame he and Ghadafi never got a bullet to the backs of their heads.

    • Brijbhushan Bhattadri

      At least one of the Tahoe homes, Al Tarina, is still on sale AFAIK. A nice location but the architecture is not to everyone’s taste. The home had a website of its own but that has stopped functioning, probably because it has been listed with a new realtor.

  • 10,000 square meters is like 107,640 square feet. I think it is anyway.

    I don’t understand why an arms dealer wants that much attention to himself anyway.

    • admin

      yeah, I find that a little high. I just put that, because thats what The RealEstalker said lol

  • Tony

    am i the only one who stared at those pictures thinking they were 1 picture and asking myself “why the hell would this guy have 2 big pools in both the front AND the back yard??”

    • dmar

      Yes, you probably are. Same pool, different angle. Note the columns on the house in the second picture, no columns in the first.

  • aaa

    107,639.1 sq feet!

  • Joy


    You gotta post more pictures of this house!!! It is pretty spectacular! It’s about $2.50 per sq ft. with breathtaking Mediterranean view… and the grounds…wow

    Mind numbing yes…over built absolutely… I mean what does one do with 100,000 + sq feet???? I can’t even imagine.

    • admin

      Okay, I’ll try and find more pictures. Yeah, I know right? I found the square footage from another source and I’m starting to doubt whether or not its true though. The main house is definitely not 100,00 square feet, so its probably included in all of the outbuildings. also, if take a look at the little area of windows next to the pool, it seems to be a huge basement that leads to the main house and that is covered with grass.

  • Jonathan

    This is ont even hais house, it is thé neighbour’s one. His house is Nice but ont as expansive
    ! Listed at 52 M€

  • Jonathan

    Sorry for the spelling! French pc. It is not his house! His is thé one next to this one.

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