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  • Well Thank you, but there are still some plugins and scripts we are working on and getting it configured.

  • russell

    Whats with the picture of the ugly Mediterranean house in all the posts?

  • dubilloh7

    Yeah whats the with tacky beach house

  • Liz

    I dont like how each time there is a post the same photo is there

  • hat

    hey 4 some reason the homes of the rich page on my computer has all of the same photos in every photo spot. its of some ugly bout 4000 sq. ft. medditeranian mansion and its in every photo spot

    • admin

      yeah i now. sorry about that. My designer is going to fix it soon.

  • admin

    We don’t work during weekends, these photos will be updated soon. Since the way the client wanted the migration from .com to self hosted, it has caused some problems and since we don’t work on weekends we have to take care of it this week.

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